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November 03, 2009

Issue #042

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Best Fitness Equipment on a Budget

Hi <>,

Confession time. Yes, believe it or not I'm human, I make mistakes and slip up too. My excuse is that I've been making a major move to Phoenix, AZ for 3 months and as all the slackers say, "life got in the way". But as we all know, there are no excuses.

I've been adjusting to life here in the US and for a month it seemed everything was upside down, the wrong way round or on the wrong side of the road (for a Brit like me that is!).

I've been ill and suffering from allergies since I arrived, and consequently slacked on my workouts. I've been food shopping on a budget, and with all the rush of daily life I've succumbed to more than my fair share of junk meal "treats".

The other thing that has suffered is my work, and more importantly my dedication to you and your fitness goals. For this I sincerely apologise, and want you to know that I will do everything possible to ensure I better myself.

I remain dedicated to helping you, and my actions will reflect my words in the upcoming weeks, months and years. If you have anything to say to me or to ask me then please email me at:
and your email will be my priority.

So I wanted to start taking that action today by making this newsletter issue extra special. Some of the most common barriers I see blocking people from reaching their goals are cost and time. Here are my recommendations for the 3 best pieces of equipment that will save you time, money and get you burning fat fast:

1. Stability Ball

I've talked about this before, but the stability ball really is the best fitness equipment item you could ever own.

The amount of different types of exercises you can do combined with its low-cost, make it truly the best value for money item on the market.

You can get a quality stability ball for between $9 and $16 on eBay. I've written more about it here:

Abdominal Fitness Equipment <-- click.

2. Pull-Up/Chin-Up Bar

Not just any bar, but the one that slips on and off your door frame without the need for screws or any holes in the wall.

Pull-ups and chin-ups are two of the most important exercises both men and women need in their workouts. This multi-function bar makes it easy to grip so you can focus on building strength, without the hassle of drilling holes (I used to do pull-ups on the outdoor swings before I got this).

Even if you can't do any pull-ups yet, you can still use this bar to do negatives (the lowering portion of the exercise). That way you can build up to full pull-ups.

Click below for more of my pull-up and chin-up exercise advice:

Pull Up Exercises That You CAN Do <-- click.

I've seen this type of bar commonly sell for $30 online, but I found a good quality one in Walmart for only $19. It is the Gold's Gym brand and it's named the "Multi-Function Door Gym".

3. Bicycle

Ok so some might not agree with this choice, but I think having a bike is crucially important.


Well you can use it to do high intensity intervals, longer endurance based training or even just to get from A to B. Not to mention that it's fun to cycle and it's something you can do with the whole family as a leisure activity.

It's much less stressful on your joints to cycle often rather than run. That's been a crucial part for me with bad knees, I can use it to burn fat (intervals) and work on my cardiovascular fitness (heart and lungs).

The other great thing with a bike which has several gears, is that you can use it to build power in your legs too. If you set it at a high gear and do sprints, you'll quickly feel the difference in your leg and butt muscles.

Bicycles are obviously more costly than the previous 2 but if you compare the cost with a monthly gym membership then you're way better off purchasing these 3 fitness equipment items.

I found a hybrid bike with 7 speeds for only $99 in Walmart. I use it to ride on local roads and some easy off-road paths. It rides great and is serving me well (so-far!).

For more of my advice about using bikes for fitness, click here:

Enjoy The Ride With Your Bike Exercise Fitness Workout <-- click.


So that's my 3 recommendations for fitness equipment. Total cost is $127 which will last you at least 3 years. Great huh?

You might think I'm crazy for leaving out dumbbells, but they are expensive and you can do without them by doing bodyweight exercises combined with the exercises you'll do with the above pieces of fitness equipment.

That's all for now, if you have any questions then email me at

Your Friend and Motivator,

Asad T

P.S. Have a great day!

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Keep Fit - Stay Healthy - Be Happy

Asad Tufail

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