Fitness Beach Bar

Fitness Beach Bar is the place to chill and hang out with a community of friendly faces. Add an exercise photo, injury story, motivational message or even your own fat loss review. Grab an ice-cold freshly squeezed juice and join in the fun...

With all the fitness garbage in cyber-space, we want to clear things up and get rid of that stench of fitness gimmicks. Every contribution to the community is monitored, so only the very best information reaches you. This fitness beach is a trash-free zone!

As well as sharing your experiences with people trying to reach similar goals, you can rate and comment on other contributions. This "help and be helped" spirit is what makes the Fitness Beach Bar a special place.

If you've been through a sports injury, share your injury story and give others hope from your recovery, or ask for some direction and how to get through it. It's amazing how sharing your problems with someone away from your everyday life can help enormously.

Maybe you've bought a product that promised to help you lose weight, did it? It could be anything from a fat burning e-book to a new diet you've signed up to. Submit your fat loss review and tell us about it (you'll receive a quality tested fat burning e-book when you submit).

There are many ways for you to share your fitness experiences. We'll create a new webpage with every submission, dedicated to your valuable input. We aim to inspire and motivate each and every one of you...

Have fun. This is your space. It combines all the best bits of MySpace (comments and ratings), Flickr (photos) and Wikipedia (tips) - or as I call it, "MyFlickPedia" =)

The Fitness Beach Bar is open 24/7, ready for you to share a part of your fitness journey. Get your toes wet and get involved!

Fitness Beach Bar
Recent Contributions

reclining hero pose

Reclining Hero

by Farnoosh
peak physique programme

The Peak Physique Programme

by Paul Swainson
plank using a medicine ball small

Plank With Medicine Ball

by Graciela
knee therapy

Knee Injury

by Dexter
bicycle crunches in costa rica

Bicycle Crunches in Costa Rica

by Les Dishman
headstand with wide legs

Headstand With
Wide Legs

by Farnoosh

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