My Fitness Journey
How I Set Myself Free


Hi! My name is Asad, born and raised in London, UK. I'm in the city and the city is in me, always will be. That's the formalities out the way. Now I'll get to the juicy bits of how and why I'm here, and how this website set me free (and how you could be set free too).

You may have gathered my over-riding passion in life, is sport and exercise. It's what keeps me going, puts a smile on my face when I most need it. My philosophy is that fitness isn't an add-on to life, it's an integral part.

As with any passion, it has the ability to make you feel on top of the World. But without it, you feel lost and confused. For me, that feeling came with injury at the age of 18.

I grew up with realistic hopes and dreams of playing professional sport. I knew I had the talent and determination to make it (honestly!). But those dreams were shattered with one knee injury and very bad timing.


I dislocated my kneecap, 3 months before the start of what was to be an important season for me. My sport was cricket (for those who know what it is!).

It's actually not a serious injury compared to torn ligaments. But I was young and didn't know much about injury at the time. It's surprising how fast you can lose muscle mass. My whole leg was in a cast for 3 weeks, it came out looking like a skeleton. I almost threw up when I saw it.

That was the side of injury I had difficulty with, the psychology of it. Although I thought my rehab was going well, I missed that whole season because I lacked confidence in myself, and my body.

8 months later, the injury recurred. Obviously my physio rehab wasn't going as well as I thought! The specialist recommended me for an operation. He said if the injury happened again, I could end up in a wheelchair. Those orthopaedic surgeons have no tact.

I had to wait another 8 months for the operation, with 6 months full recovery time. Another year lost to injury, my hopes of professional sport long gone.

It was a depressing time. I had to deal with everything that came (and went) with the injury, as well as trying to complete my university education. My mind wasn't in it though. What was I going to do without sport?!

Back To Life

An opportunity came to go abroad and work there for 2 years. The sun, sea and sand of Cyprus were all too alluring. I needed to get away from the city.

It was the best decision I made. I discovered the Mediterranean way of life. The food. Ah the food! Delicious, healthy and balanced. All in the natural diet. It's something I always craved for back in London.

What's more, I re-discovered my passion in the form of exercise. OK, I can't play contact sports, but there's a whole wealth of other stuff I can do.

Swimming was the main thing. We had an outdoor pool and the sea was 10 minutes away. I swam morning, noon and night. We also met a British yoga instructor, who put on a class just for us.

The relaxed nature of the Med is infectious. I chilled out, found my passions again and wanted to live life to the full. Oh and did some work.

I came back to London with a renewed vigour. And a new dream. To be happy with my body. To live my Med life wherever I may be, exercise and all...

New Ambitions

How did this website set me free?

A few weeks after arriving back in London, I needed an operation for a health condition (me and hospitals have a love-hate relationship; they love me, I hate them). It wasn't anything serious, but it meant bed rest for almost 2 months.

I was going spare not able to do anything but lie down (I know it's some people's heaven, not mine!). I spent loads of time surfing the net, thinking of things to do next, as my work abroad had ended.

Seeing as I couldn't be very active for a while, I looked around for desk jobs or "work from home" opportunities.

During my frantic web searches (considering the bills don't stop even when you're out of work!), I kept coming across something called SBI. I didn't have a clue what SBI was at the time, but it looked genuine enough for me to do some research into.

I found out that SBI stands for "Solo Build It", and takes you through the step by step process of researching, building and making money from a website based on your passion.

That really jumped out at me, making money by doing what I love.

That's something I always told myself. Even from a young age, I knew I wanted to end up in a job I loved waking up for. And here was SBI telling me I could turn my passion into a successful online business.

Well, I wasn't gonna let myself get too excited just yet, I had wasted money online before. So I took a look at their Video Tour to get a better idea of how it all works.

And from there I went on to see the thousands (literally) of other websites that have "made it" with SBI. I started to get that great feeling in my stomach, that actually I could achieve this too.

I had seen enough and started on my very first website - you're on it. I had no prior experience of building a website, and yet with SBI I've managed to create this one. The sense of achievement is great, I'm helping others and making money writing about my passion.

This site isn't about building big muscle or the "perfect" beach body. It's about being healthy and happy with your body. However big or small the change is, I hope my website has inspired you along your way.

Somehow it feels like I've come full circle. From my injury and losing hope in life, to going abroad and rediscovering my passion, to creating this website and finding hope again.

They say everything happens for a reason, I kinda see what they mean (whoever "they" are!). So I guess there's a reason why you're here...

...well whatever the reason, I just wanted to share my story and explain how and why this website came along. And to let you know, you can achieve it too.

People always say to me how they hate their job - the hours, the boredom, the pay! They wish they could be free from it all...

You can, so what's holding you back?

More About SBI

I think SBI and exercise fitness are similar, because once you find something you enjoy doing, you'll be determined to stick with it and be successful. That could mean losing weight, toning up, making money or gaining control of your life.

I hope I've opened some doors for you here. They are doors I've been through myself, I wouldn't recommend them unless they led to success.

Do you have any questions about SBI? Click here.

SBI comes with a full refund policy if you're not satisfied. That's how much faith they have in their product. Set yourself free, with no risk involved...

Try SBI - Whatever your goal is, reach it.

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