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June 16, 2009

Issue #026

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Family Food Fights

=> Sensible Advice Disguised as a "Diet"

Hi <>,

Picture the scene, you've got the family round. You know - the aunt with a foghorn as a mouth, uncles talking politics, nephews and nieces sneaking in sweets, the typical family mayhem.

Everyone's brought a food dish that's either fried to within an inch of it's existence, soaked in fat and oil or has enough sugar in it to send you skyward.

And there you are, with your dish that's healthy, nutritious and tasty.

That aunt (foghorn mouth) announces to the world that oh you've made such a great dish that's sooo good for everyone. There's a short silence, a few people mutter, they look at the dish, give you praise and then go straight on to the other dishes.

No guesses for which dish gets left in the corner, along with you and your plate of your dish!

This is in-fact a common occurrence in our household. Space in our kitchen comes at a premium. There's the Indian cooking section which takes up 99% of the space (because for some unknown reason, they feel obliged to cook 10 different dishes per meal that could feed the million but is actually only intended for 4 people). Then there's my 1% of cooking space (which my family rather ignorantly call the "English food"...) **sigh**

This whole procedure is totally disheartening for several reasons:

a) You feel detached from the rest of the family.

b) You're trying to make an effort to improve your life and they seem adamant on destroying your efforts.

c) You're worried about their health, and with every meal you worry what it might be doing to them.

d) You get pissed because they just don't seem to care.

This whole scenario plays out in many different cultures and households in their own unique ways. It is common to see.

So if you battle daily with your family about what and how much to eat and drink, rest assured you're not alone!

But Don't Give Up...

...on yourself or them, just don't give up. I've argued with myself about my family. Sometimes I feel that they're never gonna change and to just leave them to it. But I can't do that because I'd never forgive myself if I stopped trying.

Something I've realised is that they don't want to hear sensible advice. They're too stubborn to "get sensible". BUT, they will listen to the latest craze, the next "big diet sensation".

The usual formula for diets is that you stick to them for x-amount of time, then fall off the wagon because they just aren't realistic, nor do they deal with your individual needs.

But what if you had sensible advice disguised as a "diet"? Well here it goes, presenting...

The Balance-Easy Diet (I just made this name up, but you get the point!)

This "diet" is all about eating a wide variety of food in moderation. There are 4 easy steps in this "diet":

1) Know what you currently eat with a Food Diary.

2) Know what you should be eating in a balanced diet.

3) Make the necessary changes (goals) to make your diet balanced and healthy.

4) Combine your balanced diet with exercise for weight loss.

I explain each point in more detail here.

They are the basic messages you need to get across to your family (and to yourself if you're struggling with your nutrition).

Getting your family and friends involved in your effort to improve your life is crucially important. You are most influenced by these people, and your actions will tend to mirror their actions.

If they have poor habits, then you are more likely to adopt those habits over time. The trick is, to get them to adopt your good habits. That's the take away point.

As I've said in a previous issue, good social support is a huge part of losing fat and getting fit. If you surround yourself with like-minded people, you are more likely to succeed.

Click below to improve the way you and your family eat:

=> Sensible Advice Disguised as a "Diet"

Let me know how it goes!

Your Friend and Motivator,

Asad T.

P.S. Remember to forward this email on to your friends, family and co-workers to give them a lil "wink-wink, nudge-nudge" in the right direction.

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Keep Fit - Stay Healthy - Be Happy

Asad Tufail

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