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September 15, 2009

Issue #037

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Win $1000 With The Turbulence Training Transformation Contest

Hi <>,

The Autumn Fall is well on its way and that signifies many changes. But what changes are YOU making to improve yourself?

Personally, I have a big change coming up as I go to Phoenix, AZ tomorrow for a few months. I'll continue to work from out there so keep a lookout for these newsletters in your inbox.

This is a huge change for me, and one in which I aim to improve myself, my services to you and to fulfil yet more fitness goals.

You also have the chance to make some seriously great improvements with the legendary Turbulence Training Transformation Contest. Thousands of men and women have changed their lives and bodies with that program.

Well, good news!

It's time to kick-off the 6th Turbulence Training Transformation Contest. You can officially start today and take your before photos.

The contest has been split into Male and Female categories so our best male and female success story will each win $1000!

I also have some powerful words for you...

"You become who you associate with."

Research shows if you hang around overweight folks, you too will stay overweight.

On the other hand, research shows that if you exercise with a partner who loses fat, you'll have a good chance of losing fat too!

Another study showed that the more often folks checked in on a weight loss website, like the TT member's forum and, the more fat they were able to lose.

This is big, big news.

You truly get the same results as the people you hang around with.

So if you are trying to lose fat while everyone around you is happy with gaining winter fat and hibernating, than you have no chance.

That's why you must join the TT contest and you must visit the forum to get results. That's where the winners hang out! Every TT Contest winner has praised the forums over and over again for the social support they received.

Get started with the Turbulence Training Trial Offer here and get 3 months of free social support in the Member's area:

=> Turbulence Training Trial Offer

This is going to be your year to burn the belly fat.

Your Friend and Motivator,

Asad T.

P.S. - Want to know more details about the contest?

You can discover all of the details here

=> Turbulence Training Transformation Contest Details

P.P.S. - Keep me up to date on your success!

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Keep Fit - Stay Healthy - Be Happy

Asad Tufail

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