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February 17, 2009

Issue #009

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Top 8 Benefits of Water Exercise

This past week has been pretty topsy-turvy for me personally, <>. We had a bad (to put it mildly) experience with a childminding inspection, my best bud got married to a wonderful lady with an amazing family, I somehow picked up a super-stomach bug that just won't give up and somewhere in-between all that was my birthday.

The one thing that keeps me going is knowing I'm helping people like you achieve your goals. That really is a motivating feeling. It makes me feel good and so I battle through anything to continue with it.

What makes you feel great? More specifically, what activity makes you feel great? Finding that activity is a huge step to burning fat, getting fit and feeling happy with your body.

Why? Because it keeps you motivated. It really is as simple as that. You know how I like to keep things simple!

One activity that is sooo often over-looked is water exercise.

The only problem is getting yourself to the pool. Similar to a gym, if it's not at home you're less likely to do it. But the similarity ends there, because if you can get yourself to a pool once, I promise you'll be kicking and screaming to go back everyday.

Aim to go to the pool at a time when it's quiet. Ask a friend to go with you the first time at least, you'll feel more at ease that way. Most of us have some inhibitions about seeing our bodies in a swimming costume, but once you're in the pool, all that floats away.

Here are my top 8 reasons to give water exercise a go:

1. The buoyancy makes water exercise safer for those recovering from injury, and less painful for those with chronic conditions, such as arthritis. There's little or no impact on your joints.

2. You get an aerobic and resistance workout all in one, the best combination for burning fat and getting fit.

3. You're able to do a wider range of movements that you wouldn't be able to do on land.

4. You don't necessarily need to know how to swim to exercise in water. Most exercises are done in waist/chest high water.

5. You can use floats and other equipment to either aid (make easier) or resist (make harder) your movements.

6. As long as you can get yourself to a pool, you can exercise come rain, wind or snow.

7. Water exercise is great for pregnant or heavily over-weight people, it takes the weight off the ankles, knees, hips and lower back.

8. The ebb and flow of water, even within a pool, has a relaxing effect. I often simply lie on my back completely still and let my body float after a workout.

So don't dismiss water exercise before you've given it a go. For ideas on exercises to do in water, check out our water aerobics page.

You might have just discovered the activity that makes you feel great. There's your motivation to keep going back to the pool!

Start now, go here for more ideas:

=> Get Started with Water Exercises <=

Fitness and Exercise Survey Page

Our new survey page is working really well so far. Thank you to all who have taken the short time to fill it in. I actually decided to write the above article based on feedback from the survey.

Staying motivated always crops up, but what surprised me was that so many people with chronic pain want to know what exercises to do. Water exercise rushed into my head because it ticks all those boxes.

If you were one of those people, please let me know if this article and the corresponding water aerobics page helped at all. If you have anymore questions, simply hit reply and ask me.

If you haven't filled the survey yet, it'll take 2 minutes and will influence the content I deliver to you. Click the link below to fill it out now:

=> Fitness and Exercise Survey

Thoughts and Feedback

Many exciting things "around the corner":

1. Online shop is allllmost up - final testing is happening right now.
2. Fitness Beach Bar page will be up this week.
3. More exercise pages are on their way this week too.
4. More and more people continue to add their own pages.

As always, if you have any feedback or opinions you'd like to share with me, simply reply to this email and I'll respond as soon as physically possible.

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Keep Fit - Stay Healthy - Be Happy

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