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August 19, 2009

Issue #035

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7 Secrets to Master Your Cravings FOREVER

Hi <>,

Having completed the fat loss phase of my training, I'm now into the muscle building phase.

My focus right now is on building muscle, that involves eating a lot of food. You need a calorie surplus combined with regular weight training workouts to build lean, sexy muscle.

But just because I need calories, it doesn't mean I can slack on my diet. If I only eat junk (full of sugars, processed fats and oils), then I'll put on fat as well as muscle.

Having worked so hard to get my body down to 10.5% (percent) bodyfat, I don't want to go putting it all back on!

But I'm just as human as you. I get cravings all the time. And yes, although I allow myself a "cheat" meal twice a week, the rest of the time I have to keep my cravings in check.

How do I (and thousands of others) do it?

We use very powerful NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques. These involve changing your unconscious mindset to MOTIVATE you to make the changes you want and need.

I've learnt a ton about NLP from a guy called Alan B. Densky who is the creator of Neuro-VISION.

Alan very kindly sent me a copy of his latest e-book called "How to Use Hypnosis to Lose Weight, Look Good, Feel Great!". Now don't get put off by the word "hypnosis", it's not what you've seen on the TV.

I've read the e-book, it's only 25 pages long but is crammed with the essential information and advice to change your unconscious mindset to lose weight.

I've emailed Alan asking if I can give the e-book away to you for FREEEE. There's nothing better than FREE, right! As soon as I get the go ahead from him, I'll email you the e-book.

But for now here are 7 secrets from Alan's e-book that I picked out as being the most important:

1. - Visualize yourself with the body that you would love to have, living a peaceful, happy, and secure life. Do this exercise on a daily basis.

2. - When you believe, at the core level, that being lean will make you feel good about yourself, you will be powerfully motivated to do whatever is necessary to lose your weight, and keep it off!

3. - Imagine how great it will feel to be able to look in the mirror and see a person with a sleek, sexy body looking back at you.

4. - Never skip a meal because it slows down metabolism.

5. - Eat as close to the same exact times each day as possible, and eat only at the dinner table, never with the TV, or radio.

6. - Vigorous exercise done regularly and strengthening muscles will dramatically step up your metabolism.

7. - Some people find being overweight can provide all kinds of emotional protection. 99% of the emotional eaters do not recognize this aspect of themselves!

You can find all of the Neuro-VISION weight loss and motivation programs at the link below:

==> Weight Loss and Motivation Programs

Watch your email for Alan's e-book, as soon as I hear back from him, I'll send it out to you.

Your Friend and Motivator,

Asad T.
Weight Loss and Motivation

P.S. Reply to this email -- asad [at] better-exercise-fitness-for-life [dot] com -- and ask me any questions you have about cravings and/or MOTIVATION.

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Keep Fit - Stay Healthy - Be Happy

Asad Tufail

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