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March 03, 2009

Issue #011

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High Intensity Exercise Too Hard?

I often get asked "what can I do to burn fat fast without busting a gut with that high intensity stuff??" (ok I paraphrased a lil - but you get the point). My response is nearly always the same (bear with me because I'd rather explain this properly instead of skimming over it).

First of all, if you're thinking "err, high intensity what?!" then all is explained here.

So my initial reaction is to ask why do you want to lose fat so fast anyway? Yeah we all want to lose fat and as fast as possible, fair enough. But not to the point where we're stressed about it.

Stress sets off all sorts of body functions that are aimed towards clinging on to fat! That's totally counter-productive, and can become a vicious cycle of more stress = more fat = more stress and so on...

So unless you have a deadline, where if you don't burn "x" amount of fat in so many weeks then the world will implode on itself, stop stressing and know that with some effort you will achieve your goals.

That leads me on to the next point, effort. This is more tricky, ultimately it comes down to your motivation and how badly you want a body you're happy with.

I'm not gonna sit here and chant "no pain, no gain". I've been overweight and depressed about my body. I know that feeling of thinking I'm so far gone, where do I start and is there even any point...

Luckily I was able to find good support that helped change my mindset. Now I'm on the other side of things, lending support to you and others, if you need it just make sure you ask me!

It comes down to the fact that nothing is achieved without effort. Even if you get a personal trainer, you still have to put the effort in. There is no magic pill (although some people try to say otherwise, it's not true!!).

Getting back to high intensity exercise, effort is relative to you. Your fitness level, your motivation and your intensity.

There's no getting round the fact that high intensity exercise is the fastest way to burn fat. But you can adapt it to suit you. That's the take away point, adaptation.

There's absolutely no shame in starting with workouts of 5-10 seconds of high intensity followed by 60 seconds of very low intensity. It shows you're being clever about your progress and you'll very quickly make progress.

Once you get going, your motivation will rocket because you'll start to see changes in your body. That's so much better than trying to do too much too soon and quitting after a week.

The best thing about high intensity exercise is that you can apply it anywhere. A couple of weeks ago, I talked about water exercise. Do some high intensity workouts in the water for a perfect fat-burning-easy-on-your-joints combo.

If you want more personal advice that's specific to how you can use high intensity exercise, then simply reply to this email and I'll happily answer your questions.

So you don't need to bust a gut! Adapt and put some effort in and you'll reap the rewards. Another way of looking at it is: using a lot of energy in a short amount of time. That creates a very powerful you!

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