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From: Asad Tufail, Exercise Fitness Comeback King


Dear Friend,

There was once a young guy who had dreams of "making it big". All he really wanted, was to prove to those around him that he could achieve something.

In one fell swoop, his sporting dreams were crushed with an injury that he thought was the end of his exercise fitness life.

You guessed it - this guy got depressed, he put on weight, lost all hope and hated looking in the mirror at all, let alone everyday.

You wanna know what this guy was going through? Well imagine...

  • Your lean, muscular physique had turned into a stash of fat, mainly in the form of the jelly belly and love handles with waayyy too much love.
  • Your self-esteem had gone deep underground.
  • Your one passion in life - sport, had been cruelly snatched from your life.
  • Your only sweat came from stress.
  • You felt like a complete failure.

(Does any of that sound familiar? You can be honest, we never judge.)

Just when the last shred of hope had seemed to whistle away...

He almost wet himself with excitement!!

A trip to work on an island in the Mediterranean. With that came the chance to swim everyday, to experiment with different exercises and to live a sun-soaked, fresh food exercise fitness lifestyle.

Sometimes things happen in life that you can't really explain, call it fate if you want! If you hadn't guessed by now, that guy was yours truly, and that trip was the start of my exercise fitness comeback.

I spent several months on that island, discovering new exercise fitness ways and a completely different lifestyle of eating (from what I was used to back in London). You see, it really was the kick up the butt I desperately needed.

Mediterranean Fitness Lifestyle

Sitting on our balcony, staring at the sea in the distance, my mind sizzling from the heat and the thoughts flying around my head when...

It Hit Me Like a Bull On Steroids

I could use all the knowledge of my years in high level sport, combine it with the exercise fitness experience I had gained in the Med and voila, Better4Fitness.com was born.

Shocker! Shove What You've Been Told About Fitness to One Side. Those Fitness and Diet Corporations Don't Care About You (Hint - $$$). We're Here to Set Things Straight. Yes! This Whole Website is Dedicated to Your Comeback

Comebacks aren't limited to sports stars, we all make comebacks every single day, that includes you! You might comeback from the flu, from a bad day at work or even from an argument.

Are You Ready to Make Your Exercise Fitness Comeback?

We break down the barriers of all the exercise fitness misinformation out there, so...

Hang on a sec, isn't all of this a bit too good to be true?

You're Full of Bulls@*% Asad!

You and me are alike, our BS radars go off the scale right about now, and that's totally understandable.

Confession Time...

...I had no idea Better4Fitness Comeback Kings and Queens would be this powerful.

Thousands of people have already benefited from this website by achieving their exercise fitness goals, and that's exactly what you can be doing.

You may be thinking that you've never heard of Asad Tufail before, I understand that and you're totally right in questioning my exercise fitness background.

Why You Shouldn't Listen To Me...

You shouldn't listen to me because three years ago I was unfit, over-weight, with no persistence to stick to anything and as miserable as a wet dog in a washing machine.

But now, three years later, I'm in the best shape of my life...

...And I'm dedicating my time to helping people like you, which I absolutely love to do.

The point is, if I can do it so can YOU. All you really need is the right information and a friendly push in the right direction. That's where you and me make a very powerful exercise fitness team.

Powerful Team

8 Signs That You Need To Subscribe Below...

#1. You are so confused about fitness that all you want is clear, precise information to reach your goals.

#2. You lack motivation for those boring old workouts - you want fun, time-saving workouts that you'll look forward to everyday.

#3. You are sick of spending hours in the gym and seeing NO results, you just want workouts that actually deliver results.

#4. You've tried stuff before that didn't work and now you're ready for revolutionary new fat loss and muscle building systems where I guide you to the best shape of your life.

#5. You daydream on a regular basis of the day when you'll fit into sleek, sexy clothes.

#6. You struggle with injuries or pain during/after exercise and want to recover to do the activities you love the most.

#7. You want to be more confident around people and feel more attractive.

#8. You stare longingly at the mirror praying for a better body.

Time is Ticking

If ANY of those apply to you then don't delay to fill in your E-mail and Name below then click Subscribe (you'll receive a $40 value fat loss e-book completely FREE after sign-up as a FAST ACTION BONUS)

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Tomorrow never comes, breakthrough the barrier and take exercise fitness ACTION now with Better4Fitness.com

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