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December 2008

Issue #004

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1. Asad's Thoughts (Editor's Note)
2. Exclusive Guest Article - Need Super Motivation to Exercise?
3. Mediterranean Style Eating Tips
4. Are You a Worrier? Become a Warrior
5. Fitness Equipment Gem
6. Prepare Yourself For Exercise - Self Talk
7. New Pages on
9. The Happy Tip

Asad's Thoughts

Hi <>, I'm Asad (the editor), if you want to learn a little more about me and my fitness journey, click here.

What a historic month! Whether you love him or hate him (it seems most people love him), you gotta admit the celebrations around the world for President Elect Obama were off the scale.

I'm giving thanks this week for the arrival of change. There's change all around us, every single day, and normally we hate change. Whether it's the weather switching, moving home or getting used to a new routine - what keeps us going through change?


A good leader changes things by motivating people to strive for the top and achieve their best. Obama won by organising and motivating normal folks in communities all over the country to support him.

I'm pretty sure he'll go on to do great things by motivating his new staff to make people's lives better. Does this make him special? Yes. Does this make him unique? NO.

ALL, and I mean all of us have the quality to motivate (ourselves and others). It's a matter of finding it within us.

In the run up to xmas and the new year, don't wait to get motivated. Don't use new year's resolutions as an excuse to delay improving your life. Start today, right now. This issue has a "motivation" theme so read through and use the advice to get started.

Enjoy the holidays. Remember to keep things balanced. If you indulge in a bit too much turkey (as we all do!), balance it out with more exercise. Play in the snow with the kids, or even use shopping as an excuse, just make sure you walk a fast pace around the mall.

Happy Holidays!

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Exclusive Guest Article

Below is an article contributed by Alan B. Densky, the founder of Neuro-VISION.

Need Super Motivation?
It Is Yours With Hypnotherapy CD's

If you have made the difficult decision to take off some weight - congratulations! For many people, committing to their own health is the hardest step. But in spite of self-motivation, many people realize they do not know what exercises to incorporate for weight loss.

There are three main forms of exercise: aerobic exercise, such as biking or running; flexibility exercises, like yoga and other forms of stretching; and strength training, like resistance exercises and weight lifting.

Aerobic and strength training will help you burn up the most calories. Since weight loss is dependent on either taking in less calories or burning more, it's best to concentrate on these primarily to ensure your self motivation remains as you lose weight.

Generally, 30 minutes of aerobic exercise three times a week is best. Increase the interval and frequency as you move forward.

But many people whose self-motivation has urged them to begin an exercise for weight loss program neglect the importance of strength training. Aerobic exercise burns more calories in the beginning, but lifting weights increases muscle mass, and muscle burns more calories than fat. A pound of muscle requires 35 calories per day to function at rest; a pound of fat requires just two calories for the same function.

The fitness consensus used to suggest that to "build" muscle, you should use fewer reps (3-5) at higher weights, and to simply "tone," higher reps (12-15) at lower weights was best. But there is no such thing as "toning." Definition that results from what's mistakenly called toning results because you have lost the layer of fat covering muscle, making the muscle more visible. The size of the muscle underneath depends on how actively you train.

You must "tear down" the muscle so it can rebuild itself afterward. In fact, you do not create muscle while working out but you do in the days afterward when it is "resting." The general guideline for strength training is beginning with three sets of 8-12 reps at a weight that leaves you nearly incapable of executing the entire set. Then, rest for 30-60 seconds before attempting your next set.

Do not be disheartened if you're not able to do all of the reps on every set. In fact, use that to determine when to add weight. If you are doing each set without any muscle strain, you will want to add weight.

Self-motivation helped you to begin, but many people have a difficult time sustaining the pace. It helps knowing that the source of our motivations is a belief. Think about it: If you didn't believe the gnawing sensation in your stomach meant you were hungry, you wouldn't feel motivated to eat.

Learning what ideas motivate you is crucial to weight loss, because when you feel powerfully motivated, you will exercise regularly. NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is a form of self-hypnosis. And there are NLP techniques that can build exercise motivation because, over time, desire to exercise for weight loss alone probably will not be enough to keep you going. Hypnosis for exercise motivation therapy can help.

Your primary task is naming the most important things in your life. We call these things your highly valued criteria. Highly valued criteria are generally intangibles: money wouldn't be highly valued criteria, but the fun, freedom or security that money can buy would be.

Next, establish what you need to believe to feel motivated to exercise. It's necessary to keep in mind that logic has nothing to do with belief. Things do not have to be logical to believe them. You may find you already have a belief that goes against this new idea. That is okay.

While understanding what motivates us is valuable, hypnosis exercise motivation therapy can put these ideas to work by ensuring self motivation persists. Hypnosis for motivation does this by changing the computer codes in your brain, so you accept motivational ideas.

Belief systems are based in our unconscious mind, which is like a computer. Computers do not have the ability to reason. The input controls the output. The techniques used in exercise hypnosis motivation therapy can make you believe almost anything, as long as you are willing to believe.

You start by making a picture in your mind that illustrates something you already believe, like, "I love my children." Then you learn to calibrate the elements or 'Submodalities' of that mental belief picture.

Next, you make a mental image that illustrates your motivational idea. Let's say your motivational idea is, "If I exercise, then I will look great and my marriage will improve." Then you learn how to alter the Submodalities of this mental image to match with the Submodalities in your calibrated belief picture. On the other hand, if a belief is holding you back, the same technique can change that belief to doubt.

Hypnosis for motivation that uses NLP can provide you with something of an internal personal trainer. Using a hypnosis for exercise motivation program ensures that the passion you started with remains until reaching your objective, and then helps you maintain that objective.

Alan B. Densky, CH has specialized in all aspects of weight loss through hypnosis, including self motivation CDs since 1978. Visit his Neuro-VISION self hypnosis website and have the benefit of Free hypnosis videos, articles, and newsletters.

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Mediterranean Style Eating Tips

As you may know, I'm a huge fan of classic Mediterranean food. The health benefits combined with the tasty recipes are a match made in heaven - or maybe by Greek Gods we're not sure =)

I've been trying to convert my family to eating more juicy fruit n' veg, and much less red meat. They are pretty set in their ways, but now are starting to discover and enjoy the basics of a Med eating style.

It's taking very small steps, but if they can do it, honestly so can you. Even making one or two small steps towards a Med table can cut your chances of cancer by 10 percent... food for thought hey.

Here are 5 tips to get the Med feel for food:

  • Simply humous - You can get loads of different types of humous, choose a tub you like and eat it with steaming hot pitta bread. Have some olives on the side if you wish.
  • Cut the red meat - Literally, using lean cuts of red meat will reduce the saturated fat content by 4g per dish. Mix with vegetables to build up the dish. The true Med menu only contains red meat once a month.
  • Olive oil it up - Use olive oil at every opportunity. Extra virgin olive oil for salads, dressings; with bread, baked or mashed potatoes, cooked vegetables; brushed on fish or meat. Normal olive oil for frying.
  • Get a bit fishy - Tinned fish (mackerel, tuna, sardines) mixed with chopped red onions, warmed under the grill and slapped on toast to make a great light meal.
  • Measure your pulse(es) - Pulses like red kidney beans, lentils and chickpeas are great for building dishes up (by replacing meat), or even on their own as soups or mixed with pasta salad for a light meal.

I hope you enjoy getting the Med feel for life. Click here for more Mediterranean recipes.

Want to find out more? Here's a quality e-book that you might find useful:

"Your Heart Needs the Mediterranean Diet"
by Emilia Klapp

Special Offer
Click Here

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Are You a Worrier?
Become a Warrior

What good do we ever get out of worrying? Think back to all those times when you lay awake at night worrying about... an exam in the morning; paying a bill; whether your partner's cheating on you; losing your job... and the list is endless.

If you think about it from a logical point of view, 99 percent of worry is useless. That's because it's a thought in our heads, that has no action other than to stress us out.

That's the crucial word, action. Actions are the only way of solving problems that lead us to worry. If your "worry" remains a thought, then it'll turn into a vicious cycle of more worry and stress (and no action).

All of us have worries in daily life, usually in these forms:

  • Emergencies - anything that needs immediate action. Drop everything and go!
  • Continuous - something that has been and will be on-going (e.g. remembering birthdays). Use reminders on your mobile phone or online (e.g. email alerts).
  • Anticipation - something that may arise in the future (e.g. paying back a loan). A certain amount of planning and action if needed (e.g. calling the loan company to talk about alternate repayment plans). The key is to deal with these worries early on and then you won't have to worry about them when the time comes.
  • If you know what kind of worry you're dealing with, you'll know how to deal with it and what action to take. True, it's not always so simple, but it's a start to controlling your stress, rather than stress controlling you.

    Here are some more tips:

  • Know your limits. When you can control something then prepare for it and deal with it. All the other things you can't control, don't waste energy worrying about them.
  • Decide but don't over-decide. Decisions take energy, spending hours/days/weeks on decisions will just drain you out. Practice making sharp, informed decisions. It won't be the right one every time, but you'll be "doing" rather than "thinking".
  • Switch your mind on. Usually we drift into thought and start worrying without even knowing it. Whenever you catch yourself doing this, think about something else or get on with your work!
  • If you're feeling over-come by stress and worry, click here to see how exercise helps manage stress.

    Want to find out more? Here are 3 items that you might find useful (Click here if you can't see them):

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    Fitness Equipment Gem

    Whether you're running, walking or skiing, you should always have a drink with you. Keeping hydrated is crucial during any sort of exercise, and it'll keep you going.

    Holding a standard water bottle can cause your grip to tense-up, meaning strain in your shoulder and arm. The other option is to plonk it in a bulky backpack, but I find it puts me off.

    Here's a simple solution, with this "High Sierra Wave 50 Hydration Pack".

    This is a really easy way to keep water with you at all times. It's a compact backpack for water, you won't even notice you're wearing it. Also has small pockets for essentials such as keys and a phone.

    Note: Click here if you can't see the product.

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    Prepare Yourself For Exercise - Self Talk

    Contrary to popular belief, it's actually good to talk to yourself. All of us do it without even noticing, whether it's in our heads or out loud.

    This self-talk can shape your opinions and beliefs about everything you come across, including whether to exercise or not.

    Preparing your mind for exercise will go a long way to keep you exercising. Here are some top tips on how to prepare:

    • Be calm - instead of being anxious at the thought of exercise, simply accept that it'll cause short periods of discomfort.
    • Have no fear - fearing pain has been proven to magnify the actual physical feeling of pain. Less fear equals less pain.
    • Focus - Just like when you're eating you should focus on each mouthful, do the same when exercising. Focus on each movement.
    • Positive attitude - when it gets really tough and you feel the burn, that's the time to whip out your positive thoughts. Remember what's motivating you, have a visual image of someone or something that will make you feel better.

    Be prepared and enjoy your exercise for a long time to come.

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    New Pages on

    If you haven't been to the website in a while, check out these new pages:

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    YOUR Pages on

    NEW! I've opened up the website to you. Right now there's several ways you can add your personality to the site and actually have your own web page(s).

    Check out these pages and get involved:

    • Do You Have a Sports Injury Story to Share?
      Do you think your experience of injury can help others? Maybe you just want to share what you went through? You might have more advice about sports injury physiotherapy?

      Whether you've recovered, or are in the process of recovering, your story is valuable to us all. Share your sports injury story.

    • Have You Used Any Fat Loss Products?
      Here's the opportunity to add your reviews for any fat loss product that you've actually used.

      Perhaps you've bought a great product that you think everyone should know about. Or maybe you've wasted money on a real stinker, you can give us the heads up.

    • Have a Motivational Message to Send?
      Know someone that needs exercise motivation? Send a customized message and show them your support.
    • Showcase Your Exercise Pictures
      Submit your exercise pictures for any of the exercises on the site, and you could win a special prize.

    I'll be keeping you informed of new pages where you can submit your stories/tips/pics in future issues.

    Please do get involved and tell all your friends and family once your page is live on the website. We've already had a good response, here's some pages added by other visitors to the site:

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    The Happy Tip

    No matter what happens in life, whatever it decides to throw at us, ultimately I believe we are here to be happy. Whether it's a great new job, the perfect partner, a fun night out, a tasty meal, enjoyable get the picture...we're always in pursuit of happiness.

    Here's 1 tip to help on the way:

    Look at old photos.
    Wipe the dust off those photo albums (or the e-dust off pics on your computer!) and have good old gander through them. You'll feel the emotions of the memory come flooding back, and that will boost your mood.

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    Keep Fit -- Stay Healthy -- Be Happy

    Happy Hols!

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