Show Off Your
Exercise Pictures

Show Off Your Pictures Here!

Submit your exercise pictures for any of the exercises on this site, and be in with a chance to win a special prize.

Your Exercise PicturesGet Motivated
Grab a friend to do a workout with you, that way you'll keep each other motivated.

Take pictures of each other exercising and come back here to show us your great exercises.

I've been waiting (impatiently) for the chance to open up this website to you, and it's finally arrived.

If you've had a look around the site, you would've noticed most of the exercise descriptions aren't accompanied by my pictures.

That's because..

Competition - The Special Prize

..I want to give you the chance to have your exercise pictures featured on this website.

Here's the deal, add your pictures and tips for any exercise (on the pages listed below). Your picture will then have its own web page, credited to you, and linked directly from the exercise page where you submitted.

Prize 1:
To show my appreciation - the very best pictures clearly showing great technique, will be featured on each exercise page, with the corresponding exercises.

When people come to those high traffic exercise pages, they'll see my written description and your picture next to it. So they'll learn from you too!

Prize 2:
Added to that, "the best of the best" picture across this site will make it on to the home page for 1 month! Once you've submitted one picture, take a look around the other exercises on this site (listed below), and submit there too.

The more pictures you submit, the more chances you have of winning both prizes.

Woman Side Bend

Your Exercise Picture Web Page

In any case, once you've submitted your picture and it's approved, you'll have your own web page!

Then it's braggin' time with your friends and family - send them the link so they can comment on your page - or even add their own page.

If you have a Facebook, MySpace (etc.) account, just look for the quick "Share this page" links at the bottom of your page.

In fact, anyone can comment on anyone else's page. Let's make sure it's constructive - after all, we're all here to help each other reach our goals.

Exercise Pages - Show Off Here

Submitting your pictures and tips is totally free and really easy. Simply click on one of the exercise page links below, and it'll take you straight to the short form to fill.

If you have a variation of an exercise not listed on that page, please include full instructions with your picture. This will help others understand the stages of the exercise not shown in the picture.

Show off your exercise pictures on these pages: (links open in a new window/tab)

Essential Stretching Exercises..

Strength Training Exercises..

Ab Exercises..

Back Exercises..

Core Exercises..

Man Stretching on Beach

Bookmark this page and come back soon,
more exercises are always being added.

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