Open Your Mind to Yoga Pilates...

Use yoga pilates to strengthen your core body.

Look through the guide for pilates fitness equipment and apparel below. Find advice for everything you need to get going.

What is yoga pilates?

It focuses on established yoga techniques, such as breathing and movement control.

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The yoga and pilates combination is more physical than traditional yoga.

The main benefits are to:

  • Strengthen abdominal and back muscles.
  • Improve the support and shape of your spine.
  • Connect your mind with body to its full potential.
  • Improve concentration.

  • If you haven't tried yoga pilates or any yoga before, I figure you may be thinking this isn't for you. Well if that is the case then I urge you to have an open mind for it.

    I used to think yoga pilates, wasn't for me. The first time I went to a yoga class, I laughed my way through it!

    Woman on Pilates Mat

    Luckily the instructor was a very understanding woman! I guess she'd dealt with many "gigglers" before. My point is that at the end of even that very first class, I felt so much better.

    I couldn't explain why, I just did. I felt at peace with myself. For someone like me who is a self confessed stress pot, that was pretty huge! I discovered more types of yoga and wanted something more physical rather than spiritual.

    That's when I started pilates. What a Godsend!

    If you prefer something more spiritual, give yoga and meditation a try. You'll find great advice on the links between mind, body and soul.

    But pilates was perfect for me. Physically and mentally challenging. And the best thing is that you work at your own pace. Starting from a high focus on your body with small movements and precise breathing and building from there.

    The aim being to do each movement perfectly.

    So even if it is the smallest of movements, you aim to progress to perform it perfectly and naturally. This means a strong bond has been formed between your mind and the muscles used for that very specific movement. Great success!

    This is why anyone, of any age in any circumstance, can do pilates. Its fun to do and with only 20 minutes a day you will start to see results.
    Get started by making the best pilates apparel choices - click here.

    Advice for beginners..

    ..due to the nature of the specific exercises, I think it's best to go to a pilates class first, to see what it's all about. You'll get the feel of what to do and good qualified advice on how to do it.
    Click here for your checklist on choosing a pilates class.

    Exercise mat

    Go with a friend or partner and help each other out. It's great fun and you'll both get something out of it. May even improve your sex life! No guarantees there though..!

    People tend to be quite friendly anyway so you can always make new friends in your class.

    If regular classes are beyond your budget, then working out at home is an option. I'd still recommend going to a couple of classes first. Then I suggest you purchase some pilates fitness equipment, basics are exercise fitness mats and a quality pilates DVD.

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    Final word

    Yoga pilates strengthens your muscles. It builds tone rather than bulk. It's great for injury rehab and prevention, as each movement is controlled.

    Yoga pilates has helped me improve my balance and flexibility after injury.

    If your injury needs physiotherapy care, then your therapist should also be able to advise you with pilates exercises.

    Best of all it's improved my posture. This is great because I look taller and am at less risk from chronic back pain!

    There are also many other situations where yoga pilates can help, such as pilates during pregnancy.

    pregnant workouts

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    Yoga and Pilates Poses

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