2 Small Workouts
Better than 1 Big One!

by Fitness with Jeff

With New Years come and gone, you definitely want to get that fitness program going and be productive. One idea to think about, is instead of doing one big workout maybe doing 2 smaller workouts, maybe crunches and abs in the morning before work, then maybe do 30/45 minutes of cardio at night.

Another day do the cardio before work or you daily routine, and weights and abs after work. Much like eating several small meals a day which I recommend, smaller amounts can be just the trick to quicken the metabolism and build that lean muscle mass.

Just a thought from the Atlanta trainer, www.fitnesswithjeff.com, or you can contact me at jeff@fitnesswithjeff.com.

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Better than 1 Big One!

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Feb 05, 2009
2 for 1
by: Asad (editor)

Hi Jeff, nice simple tip there, thanks. I think many people will think, "hold on, I don't have time for 1 workout let alone 2!" but that's the beauty here.

You may not have time for 1 long workout, but by breaking it down into 10-15 minute smaller, more intense workouts, you can fit them into slots during your busy day.

Jeff, have you got any other tips that might motivate people to try this out?


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