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So much is written about fat burning exercises, it's overwhelming.

I'll keep this page focused on the facts. Find out how to lose excess fat quickly, and how to enjoy keeping it away for life.

You might have heard the arguments for/against aerobic exercise versus interval training.

The reality is, they're both better than nothing. The differences come with intensity.

One thing most people agree on, is that toning muscle should be a central part of your fat burning exercises. You can do strength training exercises with free weights or your own body weight, in circuit workouts.

Take The Pressure Off

So you're here to burn fat, but why do you want to burn fat? To look good? To feel better about yourself? For a wedding or holiday maybe?

Whatever the reason, know that when it comes to your health, fitness is more important than specifically losing fat. More on this further below.

I've mentioned this now, because I want you to take the pressure off losing fat. So many people put pressure on themselves to burn fat.

The whole process becomes stressful. Stress makes it into a chore. You end up losing motivation rather than fat.
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Even if you want to burn some fat for a wedding in 4 weeks, take the pressure off. Know that if you put the effort in, you will achieve your goals.

That's your heads up. Fat burning exercises require effort from you! When you see the results, it'll all be worth it. Let's crack on.

Fat Burning Exercises - Fast Results

Healthy Diet

Fat burning exercises are all about intensity. Overall fat loss is all about a healthy diet. If you combine them both, you'll lose fat and do it quickly.

Your diet is important. No matter how many fat burning exercises you do, if you eat loads of food high in fat and calories, your overall fat loss will be zero.

Realistic Goals

Set yourself healthy and safe goals. Be realistic. You may want to lose 2 stones (28 lbs) in 4 weeks, but is it really achievable?

A better goal would be to lose 1 stone in 4 weeks (still a great achievement), and count anymore as a bonus.

Anything more than losing 1 lb per day is unhealthy. It's actually quite hard to achieve that level of weight loss. But if you do, then think about cutting some exercise down.

Remember it's not all about the numbers. If your burning fat and toning muscle, your weight might not go down so much. Muscle is heavier than fat. Always go by how you feel (and by how loose your clothes are!).


High intensity exercises are the most efficient in burning fat and calories. They burn more calories during and after your workout.

There are literally hundreds of different exercises you could do. I'm not going to list them all, but I'll give a round-up of the types of exercises you should be doing, to burn fat in the fastest possible time.
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  • Whole Body Circuits.. Using free weights or just your own body weight. These will work your arms, legs and core. Combine exercises in circuits. Do 6 exercises (per circuit) at high intensity for 30 seconds, with 15 seconds rest in-between.

    All the core (abs and back) exercises, push ups, pull ups are great. My favourite are squats. You can vary them loads, include lunges and free weights.

    The squat and dumbbell swing is a great whole body exercise (squat whilst swinging the dumbbell, holding it in the opposite hand with each squat).

  • High Intensity Interval Training.. High intensity interval workouts are different from common aerobic interval training (which lasts longer).

    At high intensity, you won't be able to keep going for long periods. It involves sprinting (at 90% max.) for 20 seconds, then walking for 20 seconds. Repeat that 5 times per workout. Vary the timing for your fitness level.

    You can apply the same principle (high intensity followed by very low intensity) for cycling, rowing or any cardio based activity.

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    Fitness Over Fat Loss - Results For Life

    The fat burning exercises above will help you burn fat and calories fast. They are your short term answer to burning fat. They are more efficient at this than, for example, long runs.

    But keeping excess fat off, is a life long process. So you have to consider your long term goals, which may change with age and your life circumstances.

    For the long term, your number 1 priority has to be with exercise you enjoy. It goes without saying that you also continue your healthy diet.

    You may already have found that whole body circuits and intervals are perfect for your lifestyle, and you enjoy doing them. They're quick to do and can be varied loads. Both huge positives for busy lives.

    But they're not long term solutions for everyone. You may enjoy other activities. And let's face facts, you may not burn all your fat in 4 weeks.

    The most stubborn fat (usually around the thighs and bum for women, chest for men, stomach and love handles for both) will take longer to shift.

    Don't be tempted to focus solely on any one area. Your body burns fat as a whole. So the best long term fat burning exercises, are the regular (i.e. 3-5 times a week) activities you enjoy (e.g. pilates, swimming, running, cycling, walking, sports and so on).

    My point is that your fitness is more important than fat loss. You may think not, body image is the be all and end all for many people.

    But in terms of health, new studies are suggesting that fitness is key, ahead of fat levels (Journal of the American Medical Association).

    With being fit, you will burn fat too. After all, that is a part of fitness. Both go hand-in-hand, but enjoying your journey to overall fitness should be your focus.

    Final Word

    Some exercise is better than none at all. This gets more true as you get older. Vary your exercise every month. Mix it up a little.

    Maybe even do 4 weeks of intense fat burning exercises every few months, in-between your normal activities.

    In time, even the most stubborn fat will go.

    "Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after another."
    (Walter Elliott, The Spiritual Life)

    Be imaginative, take the pressure off and really enjoy your fat burning exercises.

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