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Exercise Fitness Mats - Many Types Many Uses

Choose your exercise fitness mats according to the activity you do. Use this guide to get a better idea of what to look for before you buy your mat.

Continue reading "Exercise Fitness Mats - Many Types Many Uses"

Core Exercises - Your Every Move Starts Here

Use these core exercises to strengthen your abs and back. Find out why it's so important to have core strength and stability for any activity.

Continue reading "Core Exercises - Your Every Move Starts Here"

Ideal Weight For My Height - What Does It Actually Tell Me?

Am I the ideal weight for my height? A question we often ask, but do average values tell us much anymore? Here's the best way to decide whether to gain or lose weight.

Continue reading "Ideal Weight For My Height - What Does It Actually Tell Me?"

Stretching Exercises - Done For You

Stretching exercises to improve flexibility and fitness. Photos, videos and descriptions done-for-you. It's so easy, just follow along.

Continue reading "Stretching Exercises - Done For You"

Strength Training Exercises

Tips to get started with strength training exercises. Create a weights workout that works for you. Use these exercises to tone and build muscle.

Continue reading "Strength Training Exercises"

All Things Are Possible for Those Who Believe

You need to believe that you can change and then go after it and you will be successful. It's all in the attitude you have towards yourself if you succeed

Continue reading "All Things Are Possible for Those Who Believe"

Warm Up Exercises to Avoid Injury and Cool Down Exercises to Aid Recovery

Essential warm up exercises for you to enjoy. Don't forget the cool down exercises that will help you recover for your next workout.

Continue reading "Warm Up Exercises to Avoid Injury and Cool Down Exercises to Aid Recovery"

Jason Aaron Baca shoulder stretch

Basic movement as shown in photo.

Continue reading "Jason Aaron Baca shoulder stretch"

Jason Aaron Baca side bends

This works the obliques. Stand with dumbbell or weight on one arm. Bend at side feeling the movement mainly on the side where you hold the weight. Do 3

Continue reading "Jason Aaron Baca side bends"

Jason Aaron Baca standing curl

One arm at a time. Make sure to keep your elbows in and don't allow them to move away from your body. Use a weight that your bicep can control without

Continue reading "Jason Aaron Baca standing curl"

Jason Aaron Baca's Shoulder Shrugs

Shrugs should be simple. When you do the motion, simply imagine someone coming up to you and asking you a question you don't know about... you Shrug in

Continue reading "Jason Aaron Baca's Shoulder Shrugs"

Motivational Quote

Those who think they have no time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness. - Edward Stanle

Continue reading "Motivational Quote"

The Fitness Equipment Apparel Guide

A great guide for fitness equipment apparel. Make a stress free decision for your own personal needs.

Continue reading "The Fitness Equipment Apparel Guide"

Exercise Fitness - Better4Fitness.com Comeback Kings and Queens

Free exercise fitness advice, dedicated to your dramatic comeback to a body you can smile at in the mirror. Lose weight, build muscle or recover from injury and be crowned a Comeback King or Queen.

Continue reading "Exercise Fitness - Better4Fitness.com Comeback Kings and Queens"

*I Heart Summer* Slim-Down Challenge

EverydayHealth.com are challenging you to get healthy. They've partnered with Social Workout to bring you their "I Heart Summer Challenge," a 30-day plan that will keep you looking and feeling great whether you're at the beach or at home!

By following a combination of exercise and healthy eating tips, you'll shed pounds and inches in just two weeks, and you'll do it while having fun in the sun! (With sunscreen, of course.)

We'd love for you to enter and share the contest with your friends!

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Study to Study

Life is full of uncertainty, but God is for sure

Continue reading "Study to Study"

2 years almost too long

I am an extreamly well known athlete in my state. and someone that each team puts a mark on every game. im an All state, All new-england athlete, all

Continue reading "2 years almost too long"

Couch Potato Boot Camp: Top 25 Workout Blogs for Beginners

Getting into the swing of working out is tough, especially if it's your first time exercising seriously. Whether you're looking to tone up or looking to drop the pounds, these blogs will help you get moving in the right direction.

Continue reading "Couch Potato Boot Camp: Top 25 Workout Blogs for Beginners"

Infra and Supra Spinatus Tear

This is the story about my one of the student his name is Avinash Bhosale, big businessman from Pune. He had this injury - infra & supra spinatus tear.

Continue reading "Infra and Supra Spinatus Tear"

Pulled muscle

I am a teen, I have been playing baseball all my life. I am a pitcher, my arm strength was incredible. I was able to last inning after inning on the mound.

Continue reading "Pulled muscle"

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