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Cost-Effective Fitness Advertising

If you run a fitness-related business and are looking for a way to promote it, you won't find a better deal on the internet than our advertising solutions. offers significantly more value-for-money fitness advertising compared to the print fitness magazines.

The main benefits of advertising with are:

  • You will directly reach thousands of targeted visitors each month, who are searching for your fitness solutions.
  • You will be spending less AND reaching out to more potential customers.
  • Your advertisements will be visible 24/7.
  • Your promotions will be seen by receptive, ready-to-buy visitors. very much incorporates a blend of my personality and experiences, as well as focusing on highly profitable keywords that help our pages rank in the top 10 of Google and other search engines. Our web traffic has risen each month and continues to rise.

Fitness Advertising Options is divided into 3 tiers:

  • Tier 1 - Homepage: Currently not available for individual ads as it is reserved for site sponsors. Sponsors have a presence on every page plus extra benefits. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please indicate this in the form below.
  • Tier 2 - Pages Linked in the Navbar (top left of page): Advertising is available for these high-traffic hub pages. Space is at a premium on these pages, so grab our extremely low introductory prices whilst they're still available.
  • Tier 3 - Pages Linked from Tier 2 pages: Advertising is widely available on these content-rich pages, that attract visitors with thousands of long-tail keywords. These pages form the bulk of the site, advertising rates are insanely good value.

Make a Direct Advertising Request:

We are of course open to customized requests. Please indicate exactly what you would like when you fill the form.

We look forward to hearing from you, please complete the form below and we will contact you with our best advertising package to fit your needs:

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Do It Yourself Fitness Marketing - Learn, Do And Earn

The BEST way to build your fitness business and brand online? Watch this video to find out...

I learnt the hard way that the answer isn't to set up a cheap hosting account and get a flashy website up. Yeah it's quick, but it won't attract traffic. And without traffic you might as well not exist.

Two years ago, I knew nothing about the technicalities of building a website, or about online fitness marketing or even how to make money at the end of it all.

But now I have an online fitness business, the front door of which is this website. Plus I know more about fitness marketing than most other fitness professionals on the web, and I have the tools to convert that knowledge into actual income.

I'll be totally honest, doing it all myself does take time. But because I have so many research, webpage-building and stat tracking tools at my disposal, 95% of my time is spent writing fresh content for my site, newsletter or new fitness info products.

And it's that constant quality fresh content that gets my pages ranked in the top 10 at Google, which in turn brings in tons of targeted FREE traffic to my site. I then convert that traffic into several varied monetization streams.

It really is that simple. No, I didn't say easy, I said SIMPLE. The process is very simple, and if you understand this simple idea and implement it, then I know you'll dominate your specific fitness niche.

The ONE thing you do need to bring, is motivation. The niche-picking tool will walk you through aligning your passion (fat loss, muscle building, pilates etc.) with profitable keywords. The tools will do the donkey work for you, all you need is that motivation to get it done.

Let's face it, all successful people are highly motivated!

If you don't bring that motivation to whatever you do, then you won't be successful no matter whether it's online, offline, in fitness or anything else.

Fitness marketing isn't rocket science. But if you are led down the wrong paths then it suddenly becomes impossible. I've learnt that from my experience, and now I'm glad to say I'm headed in the right direction.

I wouldn't be able to say that if it wasn't for SBI!. I've managed to use their tools to research and build this website, and in turn build a stable, long-lasting online fitness business.

And I know, with the fitness marketing knowledge I've gained through the 10-day Video Action Guide, it'll mean I can implement my future ideas and create further websites and businesses based simply on that knowledge.

I continue to Learn, Do and Earn. I hope you will join me.

=> Click HERE now to learn more about do it yourself marketing.

P.S. As my gift to you for having the motivation to read all the way down, I am giving you the Service Sellers Masters Course totally FREE. This 10-Day course takes you step-by-step through the process of:

- developing a Website Concept
- brainstorming profitable keywords
- creating a themed site
- building a client base in a fast, cost-effective way.

This is what I started with, and it details a process that really works.

Click here to Download the Service Sellers Masters Course e-book.
You are about to download a pdf file. Save it to your desktop. After you have downloaded, double-click it to open.

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Done For You Fitness Marketing - Let the Experts Build Your Business Whilst You Focus On Fitness

Don't have the time (or want) to spend on learning fitness marketing? Let the specially trained experts do it for you whilst you rake in the profits.

I have to admit, I took the option to fully commit to an online based business and therefore had the time and need to learn and build it myself. It's the centre, the core of my business.

But I totally understand that if you already have an offline business, such as training clients on a daily basis, you won't have as much time to dedicate to online fitness marketing.

By cleverly outsourcing your fitness marketing, you are leveraging your time by continuing to do what you love, whilst a specialist builds the online side of your business for you.

The experts at SiteSell Services build websites that attract targeted, free web traffic. That leads to a consistent and growing number of sales and leads to your business. As well as establishing your brand as a market leader.

How do I know this?

I used exactly the same fitness marketing system as the experts, to build this successful online fitness business, the front door of which is this website.

The only difference being that I started from zero knowledge and have learnt as I've gone along, followed the step-by-step process and seen my website flourish.

The experts that will build your site however, start with an abundance of knowledge and proven track records in building successful websites.

You get where I'm going with this right? If I can build a successful online fitness business with the tools and education from SiteSell, imagine what a professional SiteSell expert can do for you.

If you're sceptical, then I applaud you. In fact, I advise you not to simply listen to what I'm saying. Although I know this fitness marketing system works, I haven't had first-hand experience of dealing with a SiteSell Services Expert.

Who should you listen to?

People just like you, who have had real, personal experience of "Done For You Fitness Marketing" with SiteSell Services. These case studies are invaluable for you to make a well informed decision.

Ready to have a professional website that actually works?

=> Click HERE now to get started with Done For You Marketing.

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Learn Fitness Marketing Skills - Instructor-led Step-by-Step Online Course

You want to learn about fitness marketing, but need some extra guidance along the way? Imagine a short but intense university course, where you graduate with a fully operational web business.

That would be sweet, right? What's more, you'd also have the fitness marketing knowledge to apply to whatever you do next. Life-long skills that will always serve you towards earning a great income.

You can have all this with Solo Build It! eLearning. Your dedicated instructor will guide you step-by-step through the tried and tested process of building a successful online business.

That's the very same process that I used to build this website. But I didn't have the advantage of someone right there, telling me if I'm headed in the right direction.

We all make mistakes. No doubt I made several mistakes whilst building this site. I was lucky in that they weren't major, Earth-shattering mistakes. It's easy to get overwhelmed when learning something new. But with an instructor brimming with experience and knowledge, it virtually guarantees you avoid all the major pitfalls.

Now that's a great weight off your shoulders.

When I started building this site with Solo Build It!, the eLearning option wasn't actually available. So I had no choice but to use their self-taught business building course, with step-by-step video tutorials.

That worked for me mainly because I had no other choice but to make it work. But who knows, if eLearning was available back then, I may have chosen to go with that. It would have given me the reassurance that I thrive on.

If you're someone who needs that reassurance, guidance and discipline of a schedule, I highly recommend you try Solo Build It! eLearning.

The course is spread over 12 weeks, after which you will have your new online business up and running.

My father always used to say that education is an investment. I always thought, "Pah, guys with degrees can't even get jobs these days!". But with this course, you don't end up with a degree, you end up with an actual functioning business. That is an investment I can believe in!

The fitness marketing knowledge you'll gain over 12 weeks will stick with you forever. I'm already planning my second website, using the knowledge I've gained, I know I'll just keep on improving.

Ready to learn life-long fitness marketing skills and create the beginning of your online fitness empire?

=> Click HERE now to get started with Solo Build It! eLearning.

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