Lying Ham Stretch

by Swati Joshi
(Pune, Maharastra. India)

Lying Ham Stretch

Lying Ham Stretch

To do the lying ham stretch:

1) Sit in front of a wall, knees raised and feet on the ground. Then slowly lie down, touching each vertebra from hip to neck on the ground. Now keep feet on the wall, take hip distance between.

Now push heel towards wall & lift groin towards body. Observe lower back vertebrae, ideally they must touch on the floor.

2) Lift one leg with flex knee, tie a long rope around foot, knot at transfers arch, hold rope with both hands and elbow touching the ground.

Extend knee and lift it towards body from the groin, leg right-angle to the body. See lower back must go towards hip. Keep foot at right-angle to the leg. Foot at neutral state.

Observe the feel of muscle, posterior (back) side,
Hamstrings are attached to sitting bone, upper leg and calf i.e. Gastrocneomius lower thigh to heel.

These muscles cross at back side of knee. These are very strong flexors of knee. We never extend them fully.

Written by Swati Joshi.

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Dec 30, 2009
Very Helpful
by: Chirag Joshi

I've been doing this stretch for quite sometime and it had helped very much. Doing this stretch have completely removed my lower back stress and strain.My legs feel lighter and full of energy.
This is a very good stretch.

Dec 28, 2009
by: nikita kasat

I have been doing this hamstring streach for the past few months.It has worked wonders for my knee,hamstring and back.its a simple streach which uses the rope as a prop to help give d perfect stretch.MUST SURELY TRY.

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