Why Do You Need To
Eat More Carbs and Fibre?

Well it's a good question as most people do need to eat more carbs (complex) and fibre. These are found in foods such as:

Breakfast cereals





Fruit and vegetables

The reason why these foods are so important is that they serve several main purposes:

  • Prevent constipation - and ensure a clean passage through your body, mentioned below.

  • Rich in vitamins and minerals - vital for a healthy body. This is why "fad diets" never work in the long-term, as many cut off your main supply of natural vitamins!

  • Lower cholesterol - give your heart a break and let your blood flow through your body smoothly. High cholesterol is an unseen killer (unlike fat where you see your body change). You can be any size or shape to suffer from high cholesterol. The only way to detect it is to get a medical check-up (or.. when it's too late). If you are concerned then see your GP immediately.

  • Make you feel full - so you don't over-eat.

    It's a common myth that all carbs are fatty. But it is just a myth. The source of the myth comes from the fact that french fries are the most common form of carbs.

    These are cooked in fatty oils, and so become fattening due to the cooking oil. A boiled potato contains one third of the calories of a plate of chips!

    A great way to get even more fibre (and complex carbs) is to buy wholegrain variations. Brown rice and wholegrain pasta can be made tasty with some herbs and spices, or a favourite pasta sauce for the pasta.

    Wholemeal bread is still a minefield, however. Many brands add large amounts of sugar to wholemeal varieties, so check the labels before you buy!

  • Final Word
  • You'll need to drink plenty of water as well when you eat more carbs and fibre. This will ensure a smooth passage through your gut - praise for small mercies! If you've suffered from constipation or IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) then you'll know what I mean!

    Seriously the best solution I've found for IBS pain is to eat plenty of fibre and drink loads of water.

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