My Hip Flexor Stretches

by Donna Snyder
(Lansdale, PA, USA)

Interlaced hands on knees for a deeper stretch.

Interlaced hands on knees for a deeper stretch.

If you ride a bike alot or spinning like I do, then the front part of your hips can get extremely tight since they get quite a work out.

To stretch them out I get into a traditional lunge with one leg bent in front, being very careful NOT to let my knee go past my ankle. The other leg is extended behind me.

I try to concentrate on laying my quad as close to the ground as I can go safely, while maintaining proper form. I can really feel the stretch in the front of the leg that is extended behind me. Sometimes I put my hands on my hips or interlace them on my knee for a deeper stretch.

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Jan 01, 2010
Hip flexer
by: Anonymous

In cycling & spinning . Position of Pelvis is tilted forward i.e pubic sympysis droping down & istial tuberosity lifted towards lower back&this position pelvis is fix. there is repitative movement in hip joint so muscle attached around hip get stiff,( tighten but reflexes dont go) & i,e shortening of muscles & short muscle doesnt work.even red fibers become movement of pelvisaround the head of femur is most in this stretch you must try this then only it is benificial.Anchor attachment of these muscles from upper leg & move other attachment towards pelvis.Try this. learn to make your pelvic girdle flexible with muscles.This hamock movement is there in human walk & we are loosing this art as we are not aware because we are stuck into reflex action of the spinal cord.if any question you can ask me.

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