Recovering from a Knee Operation

by Kumor Mawuli K.D
(Greater Accra region, Accra, Ghana)

I’m Dexter, a student in university. I would like to share my injury experience with you. I was diagnosed with a tumor (malignant) of the upper tibia on 9th July, 2008.

The doctor said it was so severe and critical that an immediate operation was needed to remove the growth, or else I will lose my leg. I was lucky to have been diagnosed early or I would have lost my left knee to the tumor.

After the surgery, the doctor told me the tumor had eaten up the bone such that he needed to replace the natural bone with five (5) packs of a bone cement, which he had done successfully.

He also told me due to the replacement, my leg will be in a cast for six (6) weeks, after which my knee will be stiff and need physiotherapy to get it to its natural flexibility.

After the surgery, a sample was taken to a pathologist for further examination and it was finally proven it was a malignant tumor and I had to under-go radiotherapy for six (6) weeks. I completed this on the 7th January, 2009.

The only treatment left is the physiotherapy which I’m still doing. I have attained 75 degrees flexion or bend. For now, I’m able to walk with the aid of crutches. I was told by my physiotherapist it will take time for me to recover fully. I started the physiotherapy on the 10th September, 2008.

I will be grateful if you can help me with any information or guidance.

My Reply...

Hi Dexter, I'm glad to hear the tumor was diagnosed early and that it was treated very quickly. This has shaped your story into one of hope and I'm sure will have a positive effect on many people.

I can only imagine what the past 7 months have been like for you, and I thank you for sharing your story.

My main advice for you is to make sure you communicate well with your therapist. Ask them if you are unsure or worried about anything at all, and make sure you are clear about the goals and exercises they set you.

I remember when I was re-gaining knee flexion after my operation. I won't lie, it is hard work and can get you down at times. But with persistence you give yourself the best chance of re-gaining your normal range of movement.

If you want more advice from professionals in your country, try contacting:

Ghana Association of Physiotherapists
Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital
Box 77
Korle Bu-Accra, Ghana
(233) 21 665401

But like I said, talk to your therapist and make sure you are on the same page first. It would be great if you could update us on your recovery after a month or two. Even though this isn't a sports injury story, I've included it because it's a great story of hope and recovery =)

All the best


P.S. please refer to the disclaimer regarding any advice given on this website, thank you.

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Aug 31, 2009
thanks for your concern
by: Dexter

I posted a comment about my experience some months ago.I am really grateful for the response you gave to my story.I am recovering very well and things are far better as i am sending this mail.Hope we can communicate through the phone,so as i can inquire certain information from you.Please if you are interested,my mobile number is +233 242 777751.I look forward to your call,you can call between 7:00am -22:00GMT.Thanks

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