Supta Pashwa Konasan - Beginner

by Swati Joshi

Supta Pashwa Konasan Beginner

Supta Pashwa Konasan Beginner

Supta Pashwa Konasan - Beginner

Props: - bed or bench where we can take this position.

Procedure to go into the posture:-

1) At the Edge of the bed, Fix one foot at one edge of the bed, heel facing towards ceiling & take one leg forward with knee bend & lie down on bed.

2) Flex Knee & Ankle should come with straight line.

3) Extended leg, hip joint, knee & ankle should be at straight line.

4) Try to (extend) groin, for that, make efforts to lift the abdominal muscles obliquely & vertically. Then wait in this position; then hold the foot of flex knee on the ground firmly & push the heel of extended leg away or just go back. Try to push groin of flex knee back. Here we are holding the hamstring from the proximal leg & when we push sitting bone back with groin we are retracting the hamstring & adductors. See how much we can bare the stretch.

5) Extend torso, keep hands straight above head.

6) Then slowly turn one side i.e. towards leg which is fold (flex). Wait, feel increasing range of quadriceps (front thigh muscles) & full expansion of it at of extended leg. Observe your capacity to bare stretching pain, it shifts & varies around hips & wait. Then slowly come out.

7) Repeat same procedure for other side.

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