Swati Inner Thigh Stretch

by Swati Joshi
(Pune, Maharastra. India)

Inner Thigh Stretch

Inner Thigh Stretch

To do the inner thigh stretch:

1) Sit in front of a wall, knees raised and feet on the ground. Then slowly lie down, touching each vertebra from hip to neck on the ground. Now keep feet on the wall, take hip distance apart.

Now push heel towards wall & lift groin towards body. Observe lower back vertebrae, ideally they must touch on the floor.

2) Lift one leg with your knee flexed, tie a long rope around the foot, hold rope with one hand and the elbow touching the ground.

Now take that leg outward (but should not touch on the ground). Feel the stretch in this adductor muscle group at inner thigh.

Written by Swati Joshi.

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