Weight Training For Weight Loss
Burn Fat Faster

Weight training for weight loss is either never considered or done in completely the wrong way. Discover below why weight training is crucial for weight loss and free workout examples showing you how to do it most effectively.

When it comes to weight training, we all know that it builds muscle and strength. But a common myth is that you should only do aerobic workouts to burn fat before then doing weights to improve strength and tone.
Totally WRONG!

For those of you who do some weight training already, chances are that you've either been told or have read in some mag, that lifting light weights with high reps is the way to lose fat.
Totally WRONG!

Let's set these myths straight, but first...

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Weight Training For Weight Loss:
Setting The Myths Straight

Myth #1 - Only Aerobic Workouts Burn Fat ---> WRONG

Actually, aerobic training without any weight training can make you fatter! Yes ladies, this applies to you too, listen in...

It all revolves around how much lean muscle mass you have, and its affect on your metabolism. The more lean muscle you have, the higher your metabolic rate will be. The higher your metabolic rate is, the more fat you burn at all hours of the day (including whilst asleep)!

By doing aerobic training without weight training, you can lose muscle, slow your metabolism down and burn less fat. Combine that with a less than perfect diet and you might end up putting fat on - disastrous and yet very common.

But you're not going to make that mistake, are you!

Because now you know weight training for weight loss is crucial to building lean muscle, raising your metabolism and burning fat all day long.

Weight training combined with aerobic training (e.g. interval cardio) and a balanced healthy diet, are the perfect components to fast fat loss.

Myth #2 - Light Weights, High Reps Burn Fat Best ---> WRONG

Lifting light weights with high reps will improve muscle endurance. But that's useless when it comes to weight training for weight loss.

The real shock your body needs to gain strength and power, increase your metabolism and ultimately burn lots of stubborn fat, is with heavy weights and less (6-12) reps.

Again, YES ladies this applies to you too! You won't bulk up. Why? Because you don't have the same hormones as men. Weight training will still result in strong, lean muscles, but WITHOUT the bulk.

It actually takes a ton of calories and hours of hardcore training for women to bulk up, which you won't be doing so don't stress about bulking up at all.

As for you men, thankfully you do have those hormones that allow you to bulk up (if you so wish). And the only way you are going to bulk up is to train with heavy weights and low/moderate reps.

Always remember the training principle of progression. Don't ever start with weights you simply cannot lift. Let's be sensible and start with weights that are suitable to your strength and fitness level, and gradually increase the weights as you progress.

Read on for more weight training for weight loss basics...

Weight Training For Weight Loss:
The 10 Basic "Rules"

  1. Train With High Intensity - this means using a high tempo, heavier weights, less reps and shorter rests; done in circuits or supersets. High intensity allows you to workout less for better results!
  2. Short Workouts - if you're training hard with high intensity, your workouts should be between 30-45 minutes, done 3-4 days a week. Any more than this and you are over-training, which will have a negative affect on your body and your results.
  3. Whole-Body Exercises - these are exercises that work several large muscle groups at the same time. These are more effective and time-efficient than exercises that isolate each muscle group.
  4. Use Free-Weights - dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, sandbags; all free-weights are much better than machine weights when it comes to weight training for weight loss. They allow your body to move more naturally and are the only way you can do whole-body exercises (machine weights isolate muscles).
  5. Balance - I'm not talking about being able to stand on one foot! I'm talking about doing an even spread of upper and lower body exercises, both front and back. Evenly strengthening all muscle groups will give you the fastest results and help to prevent injury.
  6. Keep It Fresh - avoid plateaus and boredom by switching up your workout programs every 4 weeks. This will keep you fresh and ready to go again, whilst also giving your body new challenges.
  7. Rest - getting enough rest is a crucial part of weight training for weight loss. Rest is when your muscles repair and get stronger, which is why you shouldn't train for more than 4 days a week with high intensity. You should fill rest days with low intensity activity (e.g. walking, recreational sports etc).
  8. Interval Cardio Training - high intensity intervals, best done straight after your weights workout, give you an extra metabolic boost for 3-4 hours after your workout. Weights plus cardio intervals burn the most amount of calories during and after your workouts.
  9. Maintain Focus - both overall and within each workout. Don't just drift through workouts daydreaming about other stuff. Be in the moment with each and every rep of every workout, concentrate on the muscles being used and you'll feel the difference instantly. Keep sight of your short and long term goals, focus on what needs to be done and get it done!
  10. Keep Going No Matter What - what's the difference between the "new lean you" and the "old overweight you"? Persistence. In fact, that is the difference between any success and failure. People who succeed in life are not necessarily the smartest or the most physically blessed, but they are the ones that never give up.

    You will hit hurdles and come across disappointments, but if you keep going no matter what happens, you will reach all your weight loss goals. You can do it because people fatter and weaker than you have done it. I know because I've helped them...

  11. BONUS: Social Support - it's extremely hard to lose weight on your own. Those low moments I mentioned, can sometimes de-rail you. Good social support is vital to keep you on the right track and to help you keep going. It can come in the form of a partner, family and friends. Or it can be other people who are weight training for weight loss, and who've been through the process and know what to expect...

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Weight Training For Weight Loss:
Exercise Examples

Here are some weight training for weight loss exercise examples. These are whole-body exercises, the best for burning fat fast:

Dumbbell exercises:

DB Pullover
DB Chest Press
DB Chest Supported Row
DB Incline Press
DB 1-Arm Shoulder Press
DB Shrug
DB Bicep Curl
DB Row
DB Close-grip Press
DB Split Squat
DB 1-Leg Calf Raise
DB Deadlifts
Click HERE for Pictures, Videos and Instructions of the 21 Best Dumbbell Exercises

Bodyweight exercises:

Decline Close-Grip Pushup
Walking Lunge
Stability Ball Ab Pike
Bulgarian Split Squat
1-Leg Stability Ball Leg Curl
Plank with Arms on Ball
Stability Ball Rollout
X-Body Mountain Climber
Jumping Jacks
Spiderman Pushup
1-leg Ball Jack-knife
Tricep Dips

If you're unsure of what any of the above exercises are, then contact me here and I will happily explain them to you.

Weight Training For Weight Loss:
Workout Example

Here is an example of a weight training for weight loss workout, similar to the kind seen in Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle:

Warm UpBurn The Fat

1A) Clean and Press
1B) 1-leg Ball Jack-knife

2A) DB Close-grip Press
2B) DB Split Squat

3A) Pull-ups (negatives)
3B) Tricep Dips

Interval Training Workout: Sprints

Cool down

The weight training exercises are divided into supersets (1A and 1B, 2A and 2B etc.). The interval training is done straight after the weights.

To see more workouts like this, plus in-depth weight loss nutritional info click below:
=> Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle

Weight Training For Weight Loss: More Info

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