Buy Your Fitness Trampoline
With Confidence

Choose the best fitness trampoline for you and your family to enjoy. Size, shape, safety and cost should all come into your decision.

Trampolines have always been popular with children of any age. But more and more adults have started to realise the fitness benefits of trampolines.

Add the fun factor and you have a great way to workout.

Buying a trampoline isn't as straight forward as you may think.

The larger trampolines will dent your bank balance. Make it a good investment by doing some research first. The basic tips are laid out for you below.

What Is A Fitness Trampoline?

Many brands now sell "fitness trampolines" which are usually just mini trampolines. Although mini trampolines are more practical for exercising, any trampoline can be used as a fitness trampoline.

It depends on your personal criteria (space, cost etc.), as to what kind of trampoline you go for. There are many exercises you can do on trampolines of any size and shape. That's the great thing about them.

The first question to ask yourself is, who is the trampoline for? Age, weight and usage are factors which will affect your following decisions.

What Shape And Size?


Trampolines for recreational use should always be circular or octagonal. Fitness trampolines can be circular, octagonal or rectangular, depending on your ability.

Circular trampolines are easier to use. The even spring distribution always pulls you back towards the centre. This makes them safe but also more restricted (in terms of exercises).

Octagonal trampolines are the safest option for multiple users. I would never recommend having more than 1 person on any trampoline at one time, but this is never the reality (more on safety below). These are more expensive than circular variations.

Rectangular trampolines tend to give more bounce, allowing you to do more exercises. But controlling the bounce is much harder. You should use these with caution. These are the most expensive variation.

Build up your trampoline experience slowly if you choose rectangular trampolines. Get used to their bounce. If your not confident that you'll be safe, then stick to circular trampolines.

It's better to enjoy a circular trampoline, rather than get injured using a rectangular one (because you weren't ready for it).


If you want a large trampoline, go into your garden and measure the flat space you have available. The best circular sizes are between 10-16 feet in diameter. Common rectangular sizes are 10-13 feet (length) and 8-9 feet (width).

Make sure there's a few feet available beyond the size of your chosen trampoline. Allowing grassed area around your trampoline will give you a safer exercise space.

Each trampoline should come with specifications, which advise the maximum user weight for that size. Make sure the maximum is several stones above any intended user.

If you're going for a mini trampoline than size doesn't really come into it. Think about storage space, they are better stored indoors. If you plan to use it indoors, then make sure there's enough head room.

Cost vs. Quality

When it comes to trampolines, cost nearly always reflects quality. You're paying for good materials and design. Things which can't be compromised on your trampoline. There are good deals out there.

Stick to the trusted brands, especially if your budget is on the low end of the scale. The well known brands are trusted for a reason, and that's because they offer quality trampolines and good customer service.

A quality trampoline will last a very long time. If you can afford to spend a little more than you had hoped, I think it's good value for money.

After all, that little bit more spent on quality, may last you several more years of use. Here are the main features of a quality trampoline:

  • Anti-rust frame and springs (galvanised steel is the best).

  • A high number of springs, each at least 6 inches long.

  • Closed cell foam frame pads. Thickness of 25-30mm is good.

  • Easy assembly, without the need for tools.

  • UV resistant bed made from polypropylene mesh (allows water through).

    Fitness Trampoline Safety Advice

    Here are some quick tips to make sure you stay safe and keep your trampoline for as long as possible.

    Using your fitness trampoline:

  • Make sure the bed is dry before you start jumping.

  • Only 1 person (child or adult) should go on the trampoline at any one time, especially for exercise use.

  • Place your trampoline on grass. If this isn't possible, think about placing padded mats around it, or a safety net.

  • Start slow if you've never used a trampoline before. Get used to jumping and how your body reacts in the air.
    Get started with these trampoline exercises.

    Looking after your fitness trampoline:

  • Keep it covered when not in use. Keep the cover clear from any heavy objects.

  • Consider storing it away during very extreme weather conditions.

  • Always follow the manufacturer specific guidelines on assembly and care.

  • Immediately replace any parts that become damaged or worn.

    Trampoline Accessories

    The following products are useful additions to your trampoline, but not necessary. Don't worry if you can't, or don't need to spare the cost for them.

  • Cover - these are usually included within the price of the trampoline.

  • Ladder - useful for young children.

  • Safety net - for children or to protect against hard surfaces.

  • Shoe storage bag - to keep shoes, jewellery etc. out of the way.

  • Tie down set - to keep your trampoline stuck to the ground in extreme winds.

  • Attachable speakers - for use with mp3 players, so you can jump to music.

  • Safety border - to stop young children and pets from going under the trampoline whilst you're on it.

  • "Jump Pro Board" - a great fitness trampoline accessory if you have experience snowboarding or skateboarding.

    Fitness Trampoline Warranty

    Whether you are shopping online or in a store, make sure you know the return policy and the length of the warranty/guarantee.

    Remember that manufacturers may only guarantee a product for a specific period. They may offer an extended warranty beyond that period, but you might have to pay extra for this.

    Check the store's policy and the specific policy for each trampoline, they may differ slightly. Trampolines are designed to last a long time, make sure the warranty does too.

    Final Word

    You have the basics to go and buy the right fitness trampoline for you. One that will serve you a very long time.

    Look around several sites to get a competitive price. Remember to take into account delivery and shipping costs.

    Start exercising on your fitness trampoline straight away. Get all the benefits it has to offer.

    Buy, bounce and be happy.

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