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Great Mini Trampolines?

You can buy high quality mini trampolines at good prices. What actually makes them great? This page has tips to find the best choice for you.

All the benefits of mini trampolines (rebounders) are well documented. Here are just a few:

  • Low impact to your joints.

  • Safe for indoor and outdoor use.

  • Improves Lymph system drainage (improves your immune system).

  • Improves your cardiovascular fitness.
  • You can find much more detail for these, and many more health and fitness benefits elsewhere. I'll keep the focus of this page on the buying process, which is actually very important.

    You might think, they all look the same so they must be the same. But that's oh so wrong, I think more so than any other fitness equipment. Variations in quality and design can be huge.

    A bad experience with a poor rebounder, may put you off trampolines for life. Even if it was cheap, it's still money wasted. What's worse is that you'll be missing great rebounder exercises.

    Make sure your purchase is the best one for you. With the right choice, you'll use mini trampolines everyday for a very long time.

    Types Of Mini Trampolines

    In terms of size and shape, there's not much variation between brands. They do however, like to market their rebounders in different ways. Don't go with the hype, look for the facts.

    Nearly all the differences come from the quality of the materials used (more on quality below).

    Most are now foldable, either into half or quarter. Foldable trampolines are just as sturdy and safe to use as non-foldable trampolines.

    Some come with foldable legs, others with screw on legs. Both versions are good when secured properly in position.

    The difference is foldable legs are much easier and quicker to use - a big plus in making sure you use your trampoline often.

    There are models with support handles included. I recommend these if your starting out with a mini trampoline and aren't fully confident about using it. Also, if you're recovering from injury and use the trampoline for balance work.

    Why Is Quality So Important?

    The gap between the worst and best mini trampolines is pretty shocking. Specialist manufacturers are way ahead of the general brands. It's a very different story compared to the large fitness trampolines.

    This difference in quality is reflected in price. The best models range from £65 to £160 (prices from JumpSport, Jump4Health and ReboundAIR). The worst models (that I've come across) range from £15 all the way up to £55.

    Many people are tempted to go with the low budget rebounders, I don't blame them at first. But if you think of the long term picture, the cheap models only have limited warranties of 2 years and aren't likely to last much longer.

    Many of the high quality mini trampolines have lifetime warranties. The manufacturers want to show their faith in the product. Having said that, always remember to check the warranty small print.

    Quality features to look for:

  • Permatron (polypropylene) weather proof bed.

  • Well balanced springs that are neither too stiff or too soft.

  • Strong, steel, rust proof frame.

  • A flat spring cover with good thickness (woven vinyl).

  • Safe, internal hinges on folding trampolines.

  • Large rubber tips on each leg.

    Safety And Storage

    Good quality is also important for your safety and good exercise. A low quality mini trampoline can be dangerous for you and those around you.

  • Bounce..
    Jump quality varies mainly with spring quality amongst other factors. Getting the "bounce" just right (not too soft or too hard), keeps the pressure off your knees and back. The leading brands spend a lot of time and money getting the perfect balance.

  • Springs..
    Low quality springs will also lose their shape very quickly. Even if the bounce was good at first, it won't be for long. There's also the danger of the spring flying off if it loses enough shape.

  • Bed..
    A trampoline bed made with poor quality materials and design, will quickly start to sag. Some sag so much, they hit the floor (commonly called bottoming out). An impact on the hard floor from high up and without expecting it, can cause serious injury.

  • Exercise Space..
    Rebounders can be used in and outdoor. Check your ceiling height to make sure there's enough indoor headroom. Usually ceilings will be high enough for average to tall people. Most rebounder exercises don't involve high bouncing.

  • Assembly..
    Even though foldable models require only 1 person to assemble or fold, it's not always the case. A poorly built trampoline will be hard to assemble, needing 2 or 3 strong people.

    In fact, one of the cheapest models needed new manufacturer instructions to fold it safely. There had been reports of injuries whilst attempting to fold the trampoline. Definitely off-putting.

  • Storage..
    If your trampoline is hard to put together and out of sight, chances are you won't use it. Quick access is a huge factor towards regular use. Keep a space to store it so you'll see it everyday (i.e. not under the bed!).

    Final Word

    I think mini trampolines are a great workout.

    They are really popular which is why you can find budget prices. But we've seen that cheap models don't last.

    Think of the long term investment, pay that extra amount. Feel comfortable knowing you have bought a safe rebounder that will last and last.

    Great mini trampolines don't break the bank like some other fitness equipment.

    If you use them everyday, you'll get your money's worth in no time.

    Go ahead and enjoy putting the bounce in your daily life.

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