Mini Trampoline Exercises
More Than Just Bouncing

Enjoy your workouts even more, by combining these mini trampoline exercises.

Bouncing is great fun, you can relax and let go of all your stress. And it'll get your heart pumping too.

But after a while, you might want to get more out of your mini trampoline (rebounder).

You surely deserve to get more out of it.

After all, you've spent good money on a high quality mini trampoline, right?
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Advantages Of Mini Trampoline Exercises

All the benefits of large trampolines apply, but you also get more with mini trampolines, which is why they're so popular.

The physiological benefits listed on many websites, are true for any type of exercise. Greatly improved lymph drainage, is probably the only one that is unique to rebounding.

The really unique advantages, are that mini trampolines:

  • Can be used indoor and out.
  • Are easy to use and low impact.
  • Don't take up much space (easy to store).
  • Can be used for a wide range of exercises.
  • Anyone of any age can use them.
  • That's why more and more people are rebounding. And it's those advantages that make mini trampoline exercises great.

    Avoid Injury SideNote

    A quick word on overpronation. Pronation of your feet, is when your heels roll inwards as they touch the floor. This is a natural process, and doesn't cause problems.

    But if you pronate too much (overpronation), then it will cause problems. Your feet, ankles, shins, knees and possibly even your lower back will be affected.

    Making sure your trampoline is good quality, especially the trampoline bed, becomes even more important. Overly soft beds will make you overpronate.

    When you're simply bouncing on your mini trampoline, keep an eye to make sure your knees are in line with your 2nd toe (if you're barefoot).

    If you're wearing exercise shoes, try and keep your knees in a straight line from hips to shoes (i.e. knees apart). If your knees come together, you're overpronating.

    I recommend wearing exercise shoes on the mini trampoline. Your feet and ankles have more support than if you're barefoot. Never wear socks on their own.

    Pain in your arches, ankles or knees straight after rebounding, may be a sign of overpronation.

    Mini Trampoline Exercises

    Here's the fun bit. You have so much freedom with mini trampoline exercises, it's great. You can really express yourself, let your imagination run wild.

    Make sure you have enough space around and above your mini trampoline. You should be able to stand on it and stretch your arms above your head, without hitting the ceiling.

    Use the support bar initially, if you need to. It does actually come in good use for things like reverse crunches.

    Be sure your mini trampoline is properly assembled. Do a quick check before each workout.

    Here are mini trampoline exercise ideas:

    Always do a warm up and cool down (adapt the pulse raising and lowering exercises on your mini trampoline, but do the stretches on solid ground).

  • Cross country skiing.. Jump your feet back and forth across the mini trampoline, toes pointed forward, lifting your feet slightly as you jump. Swing your arms in sync with the opposing legs. Get into a rhythm.
  • Knee raises.. This is basically jogging on the spot, but lifting your knees up high as you do. As each knee comes up, touch it with the opposing hand (or elbow to make it harder). Get into a rhythm.
  • Crunches.. You can do all sorts of crunches on the mini trampoline. Position yourself so you're stable in the middle. My favourites are:

    Bicycle crunch.. Lie on your back, hands supporting the back of your head (elbows pointed to the sides), hips and knees bent at right angles (feet off the floor). Straighten your left knee whilst bending your right knee further. Use your abs to lift and turn your upper body to bring your left elbow towards your right knee (don't cheat by bending at your shoulder!). Repeat with the opposite knee and elbow to create a bicycle kicking action and simultaneous body rotation.

    U-crunch.. Lie on your back, lift your legs up towards the sky with a slight bend in your knees, hands on your chest. Use your abs to lift your body and create a "U" shape. You should feel your shoulder blades lift off the trampoline slightly, hold and come back down.

  • Star jumps (jumping jacks).. A classic exercise! From standing, feet together and arms by your sides. Jump your feet apart and lift your arms (to the sides) above your head. Then back to the start position. Ensure your feet land on the trampoline bed when you jump (not on the frame).
  • Sprinting.. This can be simply done on the mini trampoline. Pump your legs and arms as fast as you can.

    You can also run on and off the mini trampoline. Start on the ground, run on to the trampoline bed, then back to the ground. Left foot on, right foot on (forwards) - left foot off, right foot off (backwards). Remember to use your arms.

  • Press ups.. Place your hands (wide apart) on the frame of the mini trampoline, feet on the floor. Do the press ups, making sure your elbows are pointed out.

    Make this harder by bringing your hands closer together, on the trampoline bed. And even harder, by placing your feet on the trampoline bed and hands on the floor.

    A good variation is the mountain climber twist. In the initial push up position above, bring each knee up to the opposing elbow, then back down to the floor.

  • Seated bounce.. Feet on the floor, bottom on the mini trampoline and arms bent at the elbows for balance. Bounce on your bottom, controlled by your core.
  • Side twists.. Stand with knees slightly bent on the mini trampoline, elbows at shoulder height. Jump and then twist knees in the air, to the left and right consecutively. Your head should stay facing forward, it's your core and hips that rotate your legs.

    Note: Only twist in the air (i.e. jump, twist, land, jump). If you try and twist whilst in contact with the trampoline, you risk an injury.

  • Two-footed jumps.. You can do these with your feet shoulder width apart. Jump both feet low and fast. This is about speed, as soon as your feet are in the air, drive them back down.

    Vary this by jumping on and off the mini trampoline. This is about power. Stand on the ground, use your arms to help, jump both feet on to the trampoline bed. Then jump back to the ground.

    Another variation, is to keep both your feet together. Jump side to side on the mini trampoline, keeping your toes pointed forward. Pump your arms too.

  • Bounce and punch.. Punch each arm forward, whilst doing a small bounce with your feet shoulder width apart. Vary this by punching each arm up or down instead.

  • Added to these, you can do many more core (ab and back) exercises on your mini trampoline. You'll have yet more variation, and make standard body weight and free weights exercises, even harder.

    Ensure that you're well balanced, when using free weights. The idea is that your muscles work harder, to stabilise your body.

    It's not a good idea to bounce with free weights. Use sensible judgement. Start with lighter weights, protect yourself from injury.

    Combining Mini Trampoline Exercises - Workouts

    You can see how varied the above exercises are. You could create a great whole body workout with just 6 exercises. And it will only take 5 minutes to complete (1 minute warm up, 6 x 30 seconds of exercises, 1 minute cool down).

    This is where variation will keep you enjoying your exercise. Sometimes I don't think enough is said, about how varying your exercise benefits you. It's important.

    It'll stop your body getting used to any one exercise pattern. You'll burn fat faster, and you'll keep your body balanced by working every part.

    Take this into account when creating your workouts. Combine exercises that work every part of your body.

    Rotate the order of exercises for your next workout. Keep your body guessing. Create easy and hard workouts for different days.

    You can also think of a bigger picture. Include some mini trampoline exercises within a circuit workout. For example, including some exercise ball, free weights and skipping exercises.

    Final Word

    I hope you grab your mini trampoline by the horns, and use it to the max. Really get your money's worth with these mini trampoline exercises.

    I sometimes still jump on and simply bounce. That will always be fun. But when I want a full workout, I get back to doing the exercises. Luckily, they're also great fun.

    Get some music going too. Working out to a good beat will motivate you further. Play some tracks you really love.

    Mini trampoline exercises, jump on.

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