Running For Weight Loss
Mistakes You Must Avoid

Running for weight loss is extremely effective, when done right. Steer clear of the 7 deadly sins, to get the best fat burning results.

Running is the most popular form of exercise for people of all ages. That's a great start, any activity is better than sitting on the couch! But when it comes to running for weight loss, I see so many people getting it wrong.

That's not necessarily your fault though. It bugs me how much contradicting info there is on the web about weight loss. Even popular magazines have advice that is out of date and ineffective.

If you follow that ineffective advice, chances are you won't reach your fat loss goals, you'll get frustrated, lose motivation and eventually want to give up on the whole thing.

What's worse is that you'll think you're doing everything right and still won't be shedding any fat. Like, what gives?!

That's the whole reason why I've written this page. There are 7 common mistakes made by virtually everybody when running for weight loss.

By avoiding each mistake, you'll SAVE 7 years of your life, 1 year of wasted effort per mistake.

And by taking the recommended action steps, you'll quickly be running for weight loss in the most effective way. That means faster fat burning, achieving a sexy body quicker and having fun doing it.

Let's see those 7 deadly running for weight loss sins below, but first...

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Running For Weight Loss: 7 Deadly Sins

Running For Weight Loss Sin #1:
Forgetting About Your Diet

This is the most deadly sin of them all, if you don't keep your diet in check then all your running for weight loss efforts will be in vain.

The science behind weight loss can be very simply stated as:
Calories burned GREATER than Calories consumed = Weight loss.

No matter how well you exercise to burn calories, if your diet is poor and you are always consuming more calories, you simply won't lose weight.

Recommended Action Step: Make Nutrition Count

  • Start a food diary to get an idea of exactly how many calories you're eating and where you can easily cut them down.
  • Don't compensate your exercise with larger meals or snacks, this is counter-productive. Stay focused on your overall goal, weight loss.
  • Cut one food out per week that contains sugar or modified oils/fats.
  • Get into the habit of checking nutrition labels in the supermarket. Choose products that DON'T contain added sugar or high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).
  • Liquid calories are the most deadly, cut down on sodas, juices, milkshakes and alcohol. Replace with water and green tea.
  • Don't make all the changes at once. Make one small change, get used to it and then make the next change.

Click HERE for the step-by-step process to improving your diet (without totally cutting out your favourite foods)

Running For Weight Loss Sin #2:
Not Being Motivated

Ok so you're here because you've, at the very least, decided to start running for weight loss. But maybe you have doubts?

Deep down you know that doing any exercise is better than nothing. And running is one of the best for getting your heart pumping and boosting your metabolism, both crucial for weight loss.

But you also know weight loss will bring about change in your life. And yes you want that change more than anything, but at the same time you also resist it because change is scary.

This is a totally natural feeling, one that all of us have felt. The difference between the people who succeed and those who don't, is persistence.

Recommended Action Step: Break The Mould

You are worth it. You do deserve it. When you put the effort in, you will receive the rewards.

You will hit hurdles and have set backs, but you are one of those successful people who always persist and never give up. I know you are because you're here.

Step out of your comfort bubble and live life. Accept change, embrace it and allow it to make you happy. I sure feel happy every time I can fit into clothes that I previously never could.

"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." ~ Abraham Lincoln

Click HERE for more exercise motivation advice

Running For Weight Loss Sin #3:
Running Mile After Mile After Mile

This is where many of you go wrong. Thinking that running further and further will help you lose weight more effectively. It's just not true.

The key here is quality not quantity.

The problems with running long distances are that it can become boring, it takes up a load of time, you risk repetitive stress injuries AND it's not the most effective way to burn fat.

When we talk about weight loss, what we really mean is FAT loss. Running long distances will make you lose muscle rather than fat.

That's a double whammy because you need muscle to increase your metabolism, which in turn burns fat all day long.

Recommended Action Step: Variety, NOT Quantity

Keep some variety in your running. Do some sprints one day, intervals the next and a 20 minute run the day after that. Keep things interesting for you, whilst also running for weight loss in the best possible ways.

Running For Weight Loss Sin #4:
Ignoring Your Metabolism

As I said earlier, the key to fast fat loss is to raise your metabolic rate. This is something runners often never even think about. They're too obsessed with how many calories they're burning throughout their run.

But what about after the run?

Wouldn't you rather exercise for less time AND burn fat for 48 hours after you finish exercising? It's a no brainer right!

High intensity running does exactly that. It boosts your metabolism and maintains your lean muscle so that your metabolism stays raised for the next 1-2 days. And because it's high intensity, you only need a short, time-effective workout.

A higher metabolic rate will keep burning fat for those 2 days after your short workout.

Compare that to a long run at low intensity, where you may burn more calories during the run, but as soon as you stop running, you stop burning calories. So if you look at the big picture across 2 days, you've run more and burnt less calories.

Recommended Action Step: Boost Metabolism

Remember, running for weight loss is more than just running to burn calories. Keep thinking about your metabolism and aim to give it a boost with short bursts of high intensity running.

That way, you'll be burning fat whilst you sleep! And you'll have more time to sleep because you won't be out spending hours and hours running mile after mile.

Running For Weight Loss Sin #5:
Thinking Any Weight Loss Is Good

This is about re-defining goals. You want to lose weight, but any sort of weight loss isn't necessarily a good thing.

Let's get specific.

You want to lose FAT. You don't want to lose muscle. As I've mentioned before, losing muscle is a bad thing because it'll negatively affect your metabolism, meaning less overall fat burning.

When you focus on burning fat, rather than trying to shift any weight possible, then you'll start to see results.

Recommended Action Step: Lose Fat, NOT Muscle

  • Set your goals according to body fat percentage, and not according to what the scales say.
  • Muscle weighs more than fat. So if you are burning fat and building muscle, your overall weight might not change much. Again, ignore the scales.
  • Track your progress with how you look in the mirror and how loose your clothes are becoming.
  • When you are losing fat not muscle, you feel like you have more energy and more positivity. If your mood is constantly low and you feel more lethargic, re-assess your running.

Click HERE for fat burning exercises

Running For Weight Loss Sin #6:
Overcomplicating The Situation

I've kept these tips as simple as possible. There's so much confusing information out there, I dunno about you, but it does my head in!

Don't get caught up in the complexities of it all. Information overload will only serve to confuse you, and you won't be sure if what you're doing is actually effectively burning any fat.

Whenever you are in ANY doubt, keep things simple and remember this 1 rule...

Recommended Action Step: Keep It Simple

...Calories burned GREATER than Calories consumed = Weight loss.

Increase your calories burned by boosting your metabolism with effective high intensity running.

Decrease your calories consumed by making small, regular changes in your diet.

And there you have the simplest ever explanation of weight loss. Combine your running with weight training to build muscle and boost metabolism further, and to make sure you are losing FAT rather than muscle.

Running For Weight Loss Sin #7:
Steady State "Cardio"

Steady state "cardio" is a type of running that has foiled many a million fat loss efforts. It basically means to run at constant low intensity for a relatively long period of time.

This is what most uninformed people think of when they talk about running. But I hope by now, you've seen that running for weight loss is something completely different and so much better.

Recommended Action Step: High Intensity Intervals

The big secret to running for weight loss is intensity. You need to vary the intensity at which you run to get the fastest and best fat loss results.

The best form of this variation is with high intensity interval training. This is where you switch between high intensity and low intensity intervals.

Click HERE for a detailed guide to high intensity interval training (HIIT)

BONUS Running For Weight Loss Sin #8:
Going It Alone

It's extremely hard to lose weight on your own. Those low moments can sometimes de-rail you. Good social support is vital to keep you on the right track to help you keep going and to provide you with accountability.

It can come in the form of a partner, family and friends. Or it can be other people who are running for weight loss, and who've been through the process and know what to expect...

Recommended Action Step: Get Support!

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